Saturday 23 November 2019

Saturday, 23-11-19

Good morning - or do I mean good afternoon?
Sorry about the lateness; I just didn't get it done this morning.

Yesterday didn't quite work out as planned but today is a new day and so far I have been very good and resisted all the temptations in town - and there were many!

Today's plans
B:  I didn't have breakfast which is maybe why things in town were more tempting!

L:  jacket potato with tuna and cheese with tomatoes on the side.
Rather more substantial than usual because I'm really hungry but well withint SW rules.
SW:  one healthy extra A for 30g grated cheddar, three syns for some salad cream (because I adore salad cream with potato and tuna)

D:  The steak and chips I didn't have yesterday plus some mayonnaise
Bad me - but I can't waste that steak, can I?
SW:  a few syns for some dijon mustard and three syns for half a tbsp oil to cook the chips.  One syn for some mayo in the coleslaw.

S:  I have some 'free' veg souip to finish off so I'll probably have that at 'dfanger time; - around four thirty.

Body magic:  lots of walking around town as well as running for the bus!

What are your plans for today?  xx


  1. Hi Joy. The medication I am on is really piling the lard onto me and I am sick as a chip that none of my lovely dresses will fit for Alexander's graduation on Tuesday. I nearly threw in the towel but as soon as I read your post I picked myself up and said.. Oh well. Not a great deal I can do about it while I am on the pain killing drugs. I am eating sensible meals most of the time. I am walking and exercising far more and for months Tony and I have been using a smaller plate for meals. I am so fed up that nothing seems to make a difference.

    1. It's so frustrating, isn't it? I do feel for you but thank goodness there are the drugs you need to control the pain.
      Also, if you hadn't takes the actions you did, it would be so much more of a problem now.
      What will you do about the graduation? Go ut to get a new oputfit?

  2. Out working in the garden this morning as we finally have some decent weather, but worked up a considerable appetite and ate a substantial lunch. I won't eat much at dinner time, just enough to stave off the hunger pangs.

    1. Good for you! I hope it worked out just the way you planned.