Monday 18 November 2019

Monday, 18-11-19

Good morning!

Well, yesterday ended up a bit - er - disastrous!
I had an Open House in the afternoon so a considerable number of home made biscuits got consumed and in the evening I was so tired I just made a bowl of chips.  SW friendly, yes, but hardly healthy.

Back on track this morning.
B:  porridge with blueberries and natural yogurt
SW:  one healthy extra B for oats and half a healthy extra A for milk.

L:  chunky veg soup
Made on Saturday so should be very flavoursome today (flavours definitely develop, don't they?).  Any left over from today will end up in the freezer.
SW:  free

D:  chicken curry, rice, fruit
I really fancy a curry this evening so will get a chicken breast out of the freezer and knock one up this morning so it will be tasty this evening.
SW:  I will try to keep it free although I may possibly add some dried apricots which I will have to syn.  I'll see how it goes as I make it.  The base will be the chicken with onion, peppers, sweet potato and mushrooms.  **

S:  after yesterday, none!!

Body magic:  quite a lot of furniture moving, carrying, etc, plus some ironing and a short walk.

What are your healthy eating plans for today?

** edit:  I did add some dried apricots - 30g for three syns - no complaints from me.   In fact, if I don't have porridge (not sure I'm hungry enough), that can be half a healthy B!

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