Tuesday 31 May 2022

Tuesday, 31-05-22 (trigger alert)

 Good morning.  Just to say if you are triggered by the food descriptions below, please look away now.  I know that it can be a big issue for some and don't want to cause any problems for anyone.  xx

This week, the format is a bit different in that I will be posting retrospectively, with no forward planning.  I might get them out in the evening but more likely the next morning, like this one.

Well, I had fine plans, didn't I?  A shame I fell at the first hurdle!  No, not really a shame, I consciously decided . . .

Anyway, breakfast.  Just as planned and the Southwold bacon was lovely.   A pity it's not quite worth the journey there and back to stock up (four hours is just too much!) from time to time.  I dearly love nice bacon.
Lunch was the Chinese chicken curry and chips and it was great.  I will be doing this again as it felt like a fakeaway and would be great for a Friday or Saturday evening.  The Mayflower sauce is four and a half syns so not too bad at all.
I took no photos of dinner - this is representative of my fall from grace - but it was nice.

As planned, I didn't have a starter but I did have the bread roll with <gasp > butter.  Not a lot, I hasten to add, just one little pat.
There was loads of choice for the main course but I went for the buffet bit and had a mix of the carvery and the other which was Chinese in style - just little bits of this and that.  I had some Chinesey type pork (lovely and tender and lean) with a couple of mini pancake rolls, some turkey, a couple of tiny roasties, a Yorkshire (not as nice as they looked so that's off the list tonight) and a good supply of veg.  It looked so lovely and colourful, I wish I had taken a photo.
I managed to avoid the creamy desserts but I did go for some sorbet which can be dreadfully synful.  
And then there was the wine.
Oh well, it's holiday.  I must be a bit careful though - I'm finding some of my clothes are looking a bit small.

One of the ladies in the group I'm with is also a SW member and we bonded over out second glass of vino!  Ooops!

Today I'm going to a Wake Up, Work Out and Stretch session after breakfast and the lovely pool is open from 7:15 to 17:30 each day plus the grounds are extensive and walkable!  I'll certainly get my exercise in, that's for sure.
And the good thing is that, while one can buy snacks at reception, there is no proper shop yet, so I will be only eating at meal times so that will minimise any damage.

Back tomorrow.

Monday 30 May 2022

Monday, 30-05-22

  Good morning:

I'm away again and it's not the sort of break where I can control; what I eat completely, although I think I will do a modified post each evening because I really need something that will keep me properly on track.

I've been there before so I know what the meals are like and this is my plan.
Breakfast:  there's loads and loads of choice so no excuses.  I think that mostly I will stick to fruit and a 0% yogurt although perhaps I will have one cooked breakfast, maybe on the last day, before I have to leave.  They do eggy stuff as well - boiled eggs, poached eggs, etc.  Toast is provided unless you say 'no, thanks' so I hope I have the strength to say 'no thanks'.
Lunch:  There's a help yourself to salad bar and fruit for afters.  I do not have to have a three course meal, nor do I need to have alcohol.
Dinner:  There's always a roast carvery help yourself option.  Again, I do not have to have three courses or alcohol.
In fact, If I determine to have wine, etc, just on Thursday, that might work and stop me feeling 'deprived'.  After all, there's diet coke, coffee, tea, etc, on tap and all inclusive.

What do you think?  Will that work, I wonder?  Answers on a postcard, please.  :-)

Oh - and I won't be doing intermittent fasting this week - it just won't fit in.

Yesterday's meals:

Making mini omelettes worked fine and felt as if I had so much more, even though my brain told me I certainly didn't.  I speed up the process by starting each omelette in the little pain and then turning it out into a bigger heated [an to finish off while I started the next one.  OK, two pans to wash up but what's a dishwasher for?

Lunch was just chicken with some veg.  

No photo of dinner because I wasn't that hungry so just nibbled on a pitta.

Today's plans:

B:  cooked breakfast - bacon, egg, fried bread, mushrooms
SW:  half a healthy extra B for one slice wholemeal

L:  Chinese chicken curry and chips; fruit
I know this probably sounds really weird but I really do fancy it.  I will use the Mayflower curry sauce which is as near as you can get to a Chinese curry and that kind of curry is so nice with chips, I think.  I might not have any room for fruit but, if not, I can take some with me and have when I get there.
SW:  four and a half syns for one portion of curry sauce and that (said John) is that!

D:  Not sure yet.  However - one course and no wine.  Please send motivating vibes . . .

Exercise:  a good stroll around the Five Lakes 'estate' when I get there.

unknown at the moment

From the freezer

Sunday 29 May 2022

Sunday, 29-05-22

 Good morning:

I've had to change my plans today because, when I was at Dave and Anna's yesterday, they gave me a cooked chicken, one of three Anna had picked up, greatly reduced, from Morrisons.  Earlier this morning I stripped it and the carcass is slowly bubbling away as I type this.  So that's a roast chicken dinner for minimum effort and minimum cost!  I'll take that!

Yesterday's meals:

I didn't get breakfast photo-ed.  I was in a rush to eat it before going outside to watch the RideLondon race pass by.

This was lunch.  Nice and simple and very tasty.

No photo of dinner either - because I was out at Dave and Anna's, enjoying a takeaway Indian (Gurkha, specifically) meal and very good it was too.  I will have gone over the syns but, as I was driving home, I stayed off the wine so that was good.

Today's plans:

B:  sweet omelette with fruit and yogurt
Today, I'm going to use the little egg pan to make mini omelettes just for the look of it really!
SW:  protein and speed

L:  roast chicken, roasted sweet potato, squash, onion and pepper, broccoli, carrots; fruit
Just what it says, nice and simple.  I have a few strawberries to pick and some melon to use up so might make a fruit salad with them.
SW:  I'm hoping this will be protein, speed and free

D:  steakwich with fried onions and a side salad; yogurt
I have some steak that I thawed and never used (fortunately, steak is OK in the fridge for a few days) so I will probably use a pitta, cook the steak, maybe slice it, maybe not, and insert it into the pitta with some mustard and some spray fried onion.  Nice and filling!
SW:  one healthy extra B (the pitta), half a syn for one tsp Dijon mustard and half a syn if I have a Mullerlight

Exercise:  nothing much, just a bit of garden pottering today

no healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
one syn

From the freezer
sweet potato

Saturday 28 May 2022

Saturday, 28-05-22

  Good morning!
Well, I'm home, sweet home, after a really lovely week away in Southwold.  It was nice to be away and nice to be home again so it's win-win.  I'm looking forward to two and a half days back on track before the next jolly!

Yesterday's meals
No photos, I'm sorry to say, and nothing much to talk about either.  
That's holiday's for you.  Let's draw a line and move forward, eh?
Today's plans

B:  bacon, egg, mushrooms
I brought back some really nice bacon from the butcher there and I need to trim all of that and get it into the freezer, portioned out.  I'll have some of that and really enjoy it.
SW:  protein and speed

L:  ryvita currant, seed and oat fruit crunch, cheese, ham, finger salad; fruit
There are so many ryvita types now, aren't there.  I remember having a lot when i went to college as, unlike bread, it would keep longer term.
This particular kind is three for a healthy extra B and I will have two (I've already nibbled on one, bad me!!) with some cheese triangles and some thinly sliced bits of ham.
SW:  half a healthy extra A. one healthy extra B, protein and speed

D: going round to Dave and Anna's for a meal.

Exercise:  a good old walk!

half a healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
unsure of syns because of dinner

From the freezer:

Friday 27 May 2022

Friday, 27-05-22

  Good morning!

Today is going to be more than a bit topsy turvy as it is packing and going home day but I also have a visit to a windmill to fit in.

I'm going to have a breakfast as late as I possibly can and then eat in the evening when I am home so it's a two meal day today.  I'm looking forward to getting back on track for a few days.

Yesterday's meals
I didn't photo breakfast (just fruit) and dinner was the fish and chips so this is the only photo.
The soup was lovely and so simple and this is how I made it.

I chopped up half a small onion, half a medium carrot and half a yellow pepper and softened them in spray oil lid on, low heat for about twenty minutes.  Then I added half a can of chopped tomatoes, the same volume of water, one largish chopped tomato that was going squishy, about 1/8 tsp garlic granules, same of cajun spice and a heaped tsp chicken stock powder, brought it all to a simmer and let it bubble away.
I blended it with my stick blender and then pushed it through a sieve to get rid of any woody and skin bits.
Finally, I added some bits of chopped ham.  It didn't need any salt.
Super easy and super tasty.  Normally I make it with jarred roasted red peppers but this was just as delicious.  Different but delicious!

Today's plans

B:   nothing

L:  bacon and mushroom omelette
I have two eggs left and will use them rather than bothering to take them home.
SW:  one healthy extra A (grated cheese), protein and free

D:   steak, chips and salad; yogurt
All of which I can make without having to go to the shops.
SW:  half a syn for yogurt

Exercise:  more walking

one to two healthy extra As (cheese on the omelette)
no Bs
half a syn

From the freezer

Thursday 26 May 2022

Thursday, 26-05-22

  Good morning!

The penultimate day of my holiday and, while I'm having a great time, it will be nice to get back to my familiar kitchen again.

Yesterday was a bit of a stumble - we all have them now and again, don't we?  Suffice it to say, the anticipation was better than the reality, as almost always happens where food is concerned.  Oh, well, back to what I know I really like!

Yesterday's meals

Underneath the bacon and egg is two halves of a roll which I then sandwiched together.  Very nice, it was.

Lunch was at Sutton Hoo and I dithered for a while.  There were some very nice looking salads but we were a bit too early for the soup which turned out to b tomato and red pepper, one of my favourites.  I had a child's cheese sandwich which was a pretty small affair but just right for how hungry I was feeling plus a rather large coffee (the smallest they did though).

We won't swell on dinner.  I will try the jambalaya recipe when I get home at some point.

Today's plans

B:   fruit
I'm really not feeling all that hungry right now so breakfast will be light.
SW:  speed and free (if I have a banana)

L:  tomato, red pepper and ham soup; fruit
I have half a can of chopped tomatoes left so will use this plus other bits to make some soup.
SW:  this should be protein and speed

D:   fish and chips, beer
My holiday treat for my last evening here.  I have no idea of the syns for fish and chips and there is no way I am following the abominable SW advice of taking off the batter and just eating the fish!!  What??????  You may as well just bake a bit of white fish and save the pennies.
It may be naughty but it won't be rubbish naughty - there's a difference!
SW:  the beer is six syns,  No idea of the other!

Exercise:  Loads of sand and pebble walking - which is jolly hard work, I can tell you!

unknown today but it's light on healthy extras

Wednesday 25 May 2022

Wednesday, 25-05-22

  Good morning!

I'm really pleased at how things are going while I'm on holiday.  Somehow, my usual holiday urge to binge on the most unhealthy things is under control - not sure how  but I'm very glad of it.

I can't honestly say my hard work has paid off because it hasn't been hard work in any way, but when I went to the Kessingland SW group yesterday early evening, I found that despite being on holiday, being pretty 'naughty' Saturday evening, a much shorter time since last weigh in and it being evening not morning, I had lost half a pound.  I was absolutely delighted!

Changing the subject, I was looking round the Adnams shop yesterday and saw this.  It was pretty expensive for such a small bottle (200 mls) but, on reading the label, it is super high in botanicals/flavour, higher in alcohol but you use only half a tsp at a time and top it up with your mixer and ice, like a normal gin.  They even provide a 2.5ml spoon as you can see.

Obviously, I had to buy a bottle and try it and you know what - it's really good.  I mixed it with some of Morrisons elderflower presse which is free on Slimming World and some ice and it was absolutely delicious.  Very gin, with a little alcohol kick but, given how little you use, definitely low alcohol, and the flavour is far from basic.

There are reviews online and here's one I found on the BBC Good Food site:

Southwold distillery Adnams’ new concept is a high-strength gin intended to create a low-alcohol serve without compromising on flavour. Don’t be fooled by the 50% alcohol volume – despite being stronger than most gins, Smidgin is specially crafted to be served in small 2.5ml measures with tonic water, yielding a full-bodied G&T with just a fraction of the alcohol. The 200ml bottle even comes with a copper spoon to allow precise measurement of each serving. We found each sip delivered a complex balance of botanicals, from fresh juniper to warming cardamom and floral hibiscus, culminating in a crisp, dry finish.

The only trouble is, it's not on the SW page and I can't find any mention of calories (which would give me the syns) anywhere on the internet, even in Nutracheck.  It's a new product, only out this February, and this sort of info takes time to filter down, I suppose.
So I looked up calories on 40% gin and upped it a bit, then reduced it down to 2.5 ml and it came to around 5 calories for half a tsp, so one tsp (5g, two drinks) is half a syn.
Then I looked on SW for normal gin syns and reduced it down and yes, it's pretty much the same.  Therefore, if I call one drink half a syn, I'm probably over synning a bit but better than under.
And, in that small amount, the alcohol content is not enough to trigger - at least, it wasn't last night.

If you happen to know the calories, please do let me know in the comments.

Yesterday's meals

I decided to have 'proper' pancakes yesterday.  I used 40g SR wholemeal (which I call a B choice because it is a B in bread format - so there  :-)  ), one large egg, some milk from my A choice (not measured, just to get the right consistency, a bit of sugarly and spray oil.
Then I went really old fashioned and had them with lemon and sugar(ly).
Oh, they were so nice.

I then had some fruit salad - strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apple, melon and kiwi.  All speed apart from the kiwi.  I was ready for a walk after that!

Lunch was just some fruit and a Mullerlight.

Dinner was just as planned - the rest of the frittata with some grated cheddar melted over, spray fried potato (lovely), coleslaw and some tomatoes.  Delicious.

I finished off the jelly for afters.

And let's not forget the Smidgin - one syn.

Today's plans

B:  bacon and egg roll, tomatoes, maybe mushrooms
Earlier than usual because just after ten I need to be off out.
SW:  one healthy extra B

L:  probably eating out at Sutton Hoo
I'm meeting my friend, Val, at Sutton Hoo today so we will eat  there.  I can't find a menu online but it's probably typical National Trust fare.
SW:  no idea but my choice will be based on what I really fancy - I'm on holiday.

D:   chicken jambalaya, broccoli on the side; yogurt
The new SW magazine was on sale at group last Friday so I brought it with me; this is one of the recipes from it.  It's very simple and I have brought everything I need with me which is a stroke of luck.  The only thing is, it won't be chicken, it will be ham because I have ham in the fridge
SW:  half a syn for the Mullerlight.  The main is SW free

Exercise:  plenty of walking again

one healthy extra B

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Tuesday, 24-05-22

Good morning!

I'm being such a good SW girl today.  I've located the nearest group to here, in Kessingland and I've been in touch with the group leader.  I will be going to the five thirty group this evening.
It's going to keep me on the straight and narrow today, for sure.
I fully expect a slight gain but that's OK, it won't disappoint me.  My usual weigh ins are in the morning and it does make a difference.  And I'm on holiday.

Yesterday's meals:

Breakfast at Framlingham Castle - it was a very good cup of coffee!

I forgot to snap lunch; it was, as planned, some frittata and salad and I made some coleslaw using three and a half syns-worth of the posh mayo.
Sorry about the poor light - the pasta bake was absolutely delicious.
. . . and so was the fruit, jelly and yogurt.

Today's plans

B:   pancakes, fruit and yogurt
Made the usual way - wholemeal SR flour (which I call my healthy extra B), one egg, some plain yogurt and some skinny syrup to sweeten and flavour.
SW:  one healthy extra B and I will use Greek yogurt for a bit more protein.

L:  fruit and yogurt
Because that is what I fancy!
SW:  half a syn for yogurt

D:   frittata, fried potato, mushrooms and tomatoes; fruit and jelly
The frittata is leftovers from yesterday and I will reheat it and then melt over some grated cheddar, just to ring the changes.
The fried potato won't be all that much fried, just microwaved, sliced, sprayed with oil and into the pan to crisp up and go golden brown.  I just really fancy some fried potato.  I might fry some onion with it too.
SW:  one to two healthy extra As for cheese, three and a half syns for the mayo in the coleslaw and half a syn for jelly

Exercise:  A good old walk along the beach, possibly take the ferry over the river, or I might walk up to the bridge.  Or maybe go the other way to the pier.  I also want to locate Lindsey's Groove video and do it, seeing as I'm missing the class this morning.

up to two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
four and a half syns

Monday 23 May 2022

Monday, 23-05-22

  Good morning!
Day two of my Southwold holiday - I can't really count travel day - and all is well.  Enjoying the walking and enjoying the food.  I do enjoy self catering!
Yesterday's meals
Breakfast - very delicious and very sustaining.
I cooked the ham yesterday morning and now I have it to hand for meals and nibbles.  I do like Sainsbury's Be Good to Yourself hams, they are so lean and tender.

When it came to it, I didn't fancy a ham roll, just ham salad.

I had an orange and a banana afterwards.
It worked.  Kept me on the straight and narrow and it's amazingly good.  
half a litre of diet lemonade, half a tbsp balsamic vinegar and whatever fruit you want to pile in - I used berries.  Mix and pour over ice.

My roast dinner.  Rather simple and I had a bit of cut ham left over from lunch so I added that too.  I suppose some cranberry sauce would have been nice but I didn't have any.

Instead of yogurt, dessert was the fruit from the jug.  Nice!

And that was that!
Today's plans

B:  fruit and yogurt, probably eaten in Framlingham Castle.
This is the main issue with intermittent fasting - it doesn't always work with planned activities but then no eating 'plan' does.  Flexibility is the name of the game.
I'll probably treat myself to a nice coffee from the café there too.
SW:  half a syn for some Mullerlight

L:  ham and potato frittata, salad; fruit
This will make enough for two so I will either have the other half tomorrow or pop it in the freezer for later on in the week.
As well as the ham and potato, I plan to add onion, pepper and mushroom to the mix.  Really, it will be like a loaded crustless quiche but without cheese.
SW:  this will all be protein, speed and free as I won't be using any cheese

D:   chicken and ham pasta bake; jelly and yogurt
The chicken is left overs from yesterday's dinner and he ham is what I cooked yesterday.  I will need to get some chopped tomatoes but the rest is what I brought with me.
SW:  one to two healthy extra As, depending on how much cheese I fancy

Exercise:  walking around again, maybe something online.

up to two healthy extra As
no healthy extra B
half a syn for the jelly

Sunday 22 May 2022

Sunday, 22-05-22

  Good morning!

Well, here I am, at Southwold for a week, staying in a very pleasant cottage close to the beach, with a good butcher, a good greengrocer, a small Tesco and a small co-op, all within a hundred steps of my front door.  How useful is that!
I'm not planning ahead this week - one of the joys of this holiday is deciding what I'm going to have and popping to the butcher to get what I want.  It also does cheese and cold meat but I bought cheese with me.  Cold meat for lunches sounds good though, if I fancy a change from the ham I brought with me and will boil this morning..
Having said that, I have got today's meat because they're closed on Sundays!  I'm having an easy day - an idle breakfast, maybe outside in the courtyard if the sun comes out, a lunch either here or maybe along the shore, a nice walk along the sand to Walberswick and back again and, maybe, a Lindsey class on YouTube.  That should work off yesterday's excesses to some degree.

Yesterday's meals

This is breakfast.  Loads of tomatoes because I had a huge beef tomato that was squishy and quite a lot of bacon (all fat cut off) to finish off so I didn't have the planned egg in the sandwich, which was fine.

My other meal was dinner, no photo, but it was nice.
I bought a lovely piece of fillet steak (I am on holiday, after all) and enjoyed that with some home made chips and a small salad.

Unfortunately, there was a welcome pack - very nice ground coffee, very posh crisps, very posh chocolate, posh milk in proper little bottles (semi-skimmed, so that's OK), an extremely posh jar of posh mayonnaise and a posh jar of strawberry jam.  Oh, and a bottle of 'lemon refresher - don't know if that's posh or not but I doubt it is SW friendly.  The crisps and the chocolate are no more and the mayo has been sampled - very nice with chips but I shudder to think of those syns.  I can take the jam and the drink home with me and any of the coffee and mayo that I don't have (and there will be some) can also come home.
Today's plans

B:  sweet omelette with fruit and yogurt
Yum!  Two eggs, some skinny syrup, a mixture of fruit and some Greek yogurt.  With a fresh cafetiere of coffee and a good book, what more could one ask of a leisurely Sunday breakfast?
SW:  protein, speed and free

L:  ham salad or ham roll with salad, depending on where I have it
The little Tesco didn't have wholemeal rolls but the little co-op did so I got a four pack, one for today (maybe) and three for the very decent sized freezer for a holiday cottage for other days.
SW:  half a healthy extra A for two cheese triangles in lieu of butter, one healthy extra B and the rest is protein, speed and maybe free

D:  roast chicken dinner - chicken wrapped in bacon, Jersey royals, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower; fruit salad and yogurt
I got a nice looking skinless, boneless chicken breast from the butcher and some of their own cured bacon which I remember as being absolutely gorgeous (and I am buying a whole load to take home with me for the freezer)
I'm planning to make a good jug of the not-Pimms as well.  The only thing I don't have is some mint.
SW:  should be protein and speed

Exercise:  a good walk along the sand and maybe Lindsey's aerobics class

half a healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
I think it is syn free, not by design though.

Saturday 21 May 2022

Saturday, 21-05-22

 Good morning!
Yesterday was a maintain which I'm OK with after last Friday's Chinese takeaway scoff-in.  Holiday week has now started and Back to Basics is the name of the game.

I can do it.

Yesterday's meals

I had intended to have boiled egg and toast but, at the SW meeting, Jen gave me a taster sample of the new Hi Fi bars that are coming out next week (a perk of being on the social team) and, obviously, I had to sample them.
Two is a healthy extra B and I had an apple and an orange to make it a more full breakfast.

This is the leftover chicken pasta bake with a salad and a drizzle of salad cream.  It was so nice and very filling - no room for afters.

I didn't take my camera with me to the cream tea but the scones were big and I only had room for one scone with some jam and cream (no butter) plus a black coffee.  So that was OK, especially as it was a main meal substitute.  The syns may be shocking but sometimes syns don't tell the whole story and I am sure the calories are fine.

Today's plans

B:  a cooked breakfast
Bacon, egg, fried bread (might make it a bacon and egg sandwich, in fact), mushrooms and tomatoes.
I'll have this as late as possible so that it tides me over until the evening meal as I will be travelling over lunch time.
SW:  one healthy extra B

L:  fresh fruit
. . . if needed - and it probably will be at some point.
SW:  speed and free

D:  steak, cheesy chips and, probably, salad
Because I really, really fancy it!  I might make a mushroom sauce too with some lighter crème fraiche.
SW:  one to two healthy extra As and three syns for two tbsp lighter crème fraiche plus half a syn for yogurt

Exercise: a nice walk along the beach

one to two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
three and a half syns

Friday 20 May 2022

Friday, 20-05-22

 Good morning!

I've been having a good old thunk about my focus areas while I'm on holiday and I have decided that, in SW terms, I am going Back to Basics.  That means . . .
  • not fussing about keeping carbs a bit lower.  If I want rice or pasta, I will have rice and pasta as SW free foods.  The pasta will be wholemeal (because I prefer it), the rice will be basmati and chips will feature - if I want.
  • I won't work to keep syns low - I will have up to ten (which sounds a lot to me).  If I want a synned something, I will have a synned something.  If I don't, I won't.
  • speed and protein stay the same because I like them
  • ditto for healthy extras
Except for next Thursday, that is - I must have my one fish and chips from the Little Fish and Chip Shop - arguably the best chippie in the East of England.

Fingers crossed.

But first - weigh day today.  
Yesterday's meals
I had two meals and only photo-ed one of them

This was the fancy pants parma ham, feta and griddled nectarine salad and it was scrumptious.  I'll have that again next time I want a treat!

Today's plans

B:  boiled eggs and toast
SW:  one healthy extra B

L:  cajun chicken pasta bake, salad; fruit
Leftovers from the freezer.
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese

D:   charity cream tea
Well, you have to, don't you.  It's in a very good local cause and I'm looking forward to a bit of naughty.
SW:  off plan - what a surprise!!

Exercise:  a walk, plenty of housework

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
off plan so no idea of syns - I will try but maybe not too hard

From the freezer
pasta bake

Thursday 19 May 2022

Thursday, 19-05-22

 Good morning!

A normal SW day today, not SP or syn free.
However, timings are awkward because of various commitments so I'm going to go for two meals today, something that people doing intermittent fasting rather more faithfully than I often go for.

Yesterday's meals

This went down a treat.  I also had an apple that I had dropped on the floor and an easy peeler that was more peel that juice - obviously I HAD to have them, didn't I?

A nice, squishy, well filled sandwich for lunch, followed by an orange.  I remembered I was having an SP day today, not a syn free day, so I 'spent' another syn on some mayo.

And then, later on, I had a nibble of cheese and am calling it four syns as I'd already planned in my healthy extras.  Ooops.

Hunter's chicken followed by a yogurt was really lovely and left me feeling extremely full.

Focus areas
diary - tick
lots of speed but more syns than usual.  Oh, well . .
two SP days and two syn free days - that's it done for the week. .

Today's plans

Br:  parma ham, feta and griddled peach salad; fruit
This is an attempt to sort of reproduce the very nice salad I had at Robyn's Nest a while ago
The idea is to spread some Parma ham (all visible fat cut off) around the plate, pile some leaves in the middle with a few other salad things such as tomatoes and cucumber, top with crumbled feta (originally goat's cheese but I fancy feta) and griddled peach/nectarine slices (I have some in the freezer) and drizzle over some of my grain mustard dressing (originally balsamic glaze)
SW:  parma ham is half a syn per slice so let's call it three syns.  The dressing is up to two syns if I make double the quantity I usually make, the feta is a healthy extra A for 45g and the rest is speed.  I am not synning the fruit slices just because I wave them near a very hot griddle pan!

D:  leftover turkey curry (leftovers of leftovers!), broccoli, carrots; yogurt
Nothing more to add to this really.  :-)
SW:  speed, protein and free with half a syn for yogurt

Exercise:  a walk, gardening (weather permitting)

between one and two healthy extra As
no healthy extra B
five and a half syns

From the freezer
just the curry

Wednesday 18 May 2022

Slimming World shopping haul at M&S and Aldi

 Quite a small shop because I have plenty already.  Mostly fresh stuff with a bit of other.

Meat and dairy:
I really like the Aldi steak - it's not a shockingly expensive as some other places and it is nice.  The sirloin steaks are so big, I am going to cut them in half and I might do the same with the fillets - they always go much bigger when you happen them out a bit.  They are for the freezer, of course.  The feta is because I fancied a change and I always get the M&S 0% Greek yogurt - I think it is lovely.

Bits and bobs.
The lemon yogurt should have gone with the meat and dairy really.  The oat topped deli rolls (Aldi) are because someone recommended them and they are a B choice.  They're going into the freezer, individually wrapped.
I was getting low on tomato puree, ginger and garlic and those lazy jars do save effort and money, by the time I have thrown away the fresh stuff that I didn't use!
Fruit and veg
I think these are all speed foods which wasn't my intent, it was just what I wanted.  I've just realised I have missed something - a pack of peaches.
I like the San Marzano tomatoes; they are lovely for cooking for breakfast and one is plenty.
The apples are a new to me variety, Smitten.  I think they are absolutely delicious.

I also got some diet lemonade for my not-Pimms drinks and some cans of fizzy to take away with me.

It may not be loads, but it cost a pretty penny, all the same.  That's just the way of the world right now.  Not good, is it, but there's nothing we can do about it.