Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Wednesday, 25-05-22

  Good morning!

I'm really pleased at how things are going while I'm on holiday.  Somehow, my usual holiday urge to binge on the most unhealthy things is under control - not sure how  but I'm very glad of it.

I can't honestly say my hard work has paid off because it hasn't been hard work in any way, but when I went to the Kessingland SW group yesterday early evening, I found that despite being on holiday, being pretty 'naughty' Saturday evening, a much shorter time since last weigh in and it being evening not morning, I had lost half a pound.  I was absolutely delighted!

Changing the subject, I was looking round the Adnams shop yesterday and saw this.  It was pretty expensive for such a small bottle (200 mls) but, on reading the label, it is super high in botanicals/flavour, higher in alcohol but you use only half a tsp at a time and top it up with your mixer and ice, like a normal gin.  They even provide a 2.5ml spoon as you can see.

Obviously, I had to buy a bottle and try it and you know what - it's really good.  I mixed it with some of Morrisons elderflower presse which is free on Slimming World and some ice and it was absolutely delicious.  Very gin, with a little alcohol kick but, given how little you use, definitely low alcohol, and the flavour is far from basic.

There are reviews online and here's one I found on the BBC Good Food site:

Southwold distillery Adnams’ new concept is a high-strength gin intended to create a low-alcohol serve without compromising on flavour. Don’t be fooled by the 50% alcohol volume – despite being stronger than most gins, Smidgin is specially crafted to be served in small 2.5ml measures with tonic water, yielding a full-bodied G&T with just a fraction of the alcohol. The 200ml bottle even comes with a copper spoon to allow precise measurement of each serving. We found each sip delivered a complex balance of botanicals, from fresh juniper to warming cardamom and floral hibiscus, culminating in a crisp, dry finish.

The only trouble is, it's not on the SW page and I can't find any mention of calories (which would give me the syns) anywhere on the internet, even in Nutracheck.  It's a new product, only out this February, and this sort of info takes time to filter down, I suppose.
So I looked up calories on 40% gin and upped it a bit, then reduced it down to 2.5 ml and it came to around 5 calories for half a tsp, so one tsp (5g, two drinks) is half a syn.
Then I looked on SW for normal gin syns and reduced it down and yes, it's pretty much the same.  Therefore, if I call one drink half a syn, I'm probably over synning a bit but better than under.
And, in that small amount, the alcohol content is not enough to trigger - at least, it wasn't last night.

If you happen to know the calories, please do let me know in the comments.

Yesterday's meals

I decided to have 'proper' pancakes yesterday.  I used 40g SR wholemeal (which I call a B choice because it is a B in bread format - so there  :-)  ), one large egg, some milk from my A choice (not measured, just to get the right consistency, a bit of sugarly and spray oil.
Then I went really old fashioned and had them with lemon and sugar(ly).
Oh, they were so nice.

I then had some fruit salad - strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apple, melon and kiwi.  All speed apart from the kiwi.  I was ready for a walk after that!

Lunch was just some fruit and a Mullerlight.

Dinner was just as planned - the rest of the frittata with some grated cheddar melted over, spray fried potato (lovely), coleslaw and some tomatoes.  Delicious.

I finished off the jelly for afters.

And let's not forget the Smidgin - one syn.

Today's plans

B:  bacon and egg roll, tomatoes, maybe mushrooms
Earlier than usual because just after ten I need to be off out.
SW:  one healthy extra B

L:  probably eating out at Sutton Hoo
I'm meeting my friend, Val, at Sutton Hoo today so we will eat  there.  I can't find a menu online but it's probably typical National Trust fare.
SW:  no idea but my choice will be based on what I really fancy - I'm on holiday.

D:   chicken jambalaya, broccoli on the side; yogurt
The new SW magazine was on sale at group last Friday so I brought it with me; this is one of the recipes from it.  It's very simple and I have brought everything I need with me which is a stroke of luck.  The only thing is, it won't be chicken, it will be ham because I have ham in the fridge
SW:  half a syn for the Mullerlight.  The main is SW free

Exercise:  plenty of walking again

one healthy extra B


  1. Really well done on the loss, you must be so pleased, Joy. That gin is a fabulous idea, well done Adnams. I love G&T but haven't drunk alcohol for a few years now (health issues), but I might consider getting a bottle. xx

    1. I'm thrilled to bits, Sooze, I really am. I know it's not much but in these circumstances, it is.
      It's really nice, that Smidgin and I do love the name - someone was clever there.

  2. It says the calories on this site ...

    1. Thank you . . . hold on, I'll go and look.
      Interesting, converted to 2.5 mls, it seems to come out at one calorie. That sounds very low.
      I've asked Adnams so we'll see if I get a reply. In the meanwhile I will count half a syn per drink to be on the safe side. :-) xx

  3. Well done on the loss - and on the great find! Going to look out for that although having got completely rat*rse* on gin aged 14 it has never been my fave but I like it with elderflower tonic.

    1. lol - yes, I can see how that would put one off. Like me and smoking after trying smoking on of those old fashioned straws that we used to have for our milk. I was so sick . . .
      Just on its own with tonic doesn't appeal but flavoured gin or a flavoured mixer really does.