Monday, 23 July 2018

Monday, 23-07-18

Good morning.  I'm back after a weekend of frugal feasting - in other words, someone else paid for the food!

I need to do my plans for the week but here's what I expect to eat today.

B:  muesli with fruit and natural yogurt
As always, the muesli is a gift.  I have fruit that needs using up - peaches and nectarines mostly - and the yogurt is home made.  I make a litre of yogurt at a time (un-strained) using whole long life milk so under £1 which is cheaper than the very cheapest savers yogurt and so much nicer.  I reckon the new yogurt maker has paid for itself and some by now.

L:  cold meat (I'll probably open a tin of something) and salad
I have some chopped ham which is nice enough and will last more than one meal and I'll use whatever salad very needs using up.  Dad gave me a garden grown cucumber so I will feast on that!

D:  new potatoes, runner beans, salmon; frozen fruit dessert
The beans and the potatoes are garden/ allotment grown (and super-delicious) and the salmon is out of the freezer.  It's a small piece (I only have small pieces) so I don't feel guilty because it packs a flavour punch and is good for me!  The dessert is from the freezer too.  I'm slowly making more space on there!

Last week I saw some large pots of cream on YS for just 10p a pot so I got two (there were loads) and made butter with it.  I used Thermione but any processor will do.  You just beat and beat it until the cream separates into solids and buttermilk, strain off the buttermilk, wash the solids well in very cold water, dry and store.  It's unsalted, of course, but I shall add salt as and when it is needed.
I spooned the butter into little pots and froze them.  If I fancy a bit of butter, I can just get out one little pot.  Definitely frugal and, because of the little pots, it will last me ages.  Once thawed, it should last for a week or so - wouldn't work for packets of butter but does when all you get out is a little bit.
I was pleased with that.

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