Tuesday 3 July 2018

Recipe: frozen fruit foam

This is a Thermomix recipe really but I guess it can be adapted to work in any good prozessor that does zizzing and whisking.

What you need:
a 500g bag of frozen fruit (or the equivalent amount of home-and-open frozen fruit - it needfs to be in separate chunks)
icing sugar to taste or other sugar that you zizz down to powder consistency - or granulated sweetener.  I used stevia
about 15g lemon or lime juice (from a bottle is fine)
one egg white

What to do (in general terms - adapt to suit the machine you use)
Zizz the sugar if you need to.
In the bowl, add all the ingredients.  I guessed on the low side with the sugar and added just a bit more after tasting

Zizz everything together until the fruit is pulverised and pretty smooth.  It took me about a minute.  Then install the whisk blade and whisk (thermo - speed 5) for about three minutes.  It should go all pale and fluffy.
Like this.

And that's about it.  If you're not going to eat it straight away as a chilly, fluffy sort of fruit mousse, carefully spoon it into a container (or containers) and pop it/them in the freezer.

Once frozen, it needs to come out about twenty minutes before you want to scoop.

It's gorgeous and basically it is fruit.  Each portion has a titchy bit of egg white and lemon/lime juice and whatever sweetener you choose.  Ever so good for hot day healthy eating.


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    1. It is delicious. I want to try it with mango next. I think that would be lovely! But I have quite a lot to eat up first.