Tuesday 24 July 2018

Tuesday, 24-07-18

Good morning.

I'm feeling rich.  Yesterday, my main pension landed in my bank account with a nice ker-ching!  In one way it is a fake-feeling because it is next month's money, August 1st to 31st but in another way it isn't because there's this overlap of a week meaning that if it did get rather close to the bone towards the end of the month, cash wise, I'd not go overdrawn.  I'm used to it now so there's no temptation to splash the cash before the new month starts!

I changed my planning a bit yesterday.  After opening the can of chopped pork, I realised there was more than I needed for two lunches so I ditched the salmon (well, left it in the freezer, anyway) and had the cold meat with the new potatoes and runners for dinner and it was delicious.
It doesn't look much, I'd be the first to admit, and there was no gravy and certainly no butter on the potatoes (although they were cooked with a couple of sprigs of mint) but it really, genuinely was tasty.  I guess the moral is that home grown is best.

.  Must get some more of the chopped pork.

Today's plans:
B:  overnight oats with fruit and natural yogurt.
Same as everyday, deliciously frugal and filling as well.  I love oaty stuff.

L:  I have the remains of the chopped ham so I might have another salad or I might turn it into a pork and salad roll or sandwich.  I'll see how I feel.  It won't be extravagant anyway.  If I go the bread route, that will be out of the freezer.

D:  courgette frittata
 . . . using courgettes from the allotment and bits and bobs of veg like onion, red pepper and so on, eggs that really need using up and a side salad.  If it's not too hot, it will be eaten on an allotment picnic.  If it is, it won't!  Beth will take some of the frittata home and I will have the rest for lunch tomorrow.

I've nearly finished the home made mayo and am umming and ahing about making more as it proved very popular.  After all, salads are not being replaced by warming soups in the next few weeks, are they?  They're here to stay for a while.

So a pretty frugal day today with precious little waste and lots of great flavours . . . and not much cooking.


  1. Courgette frittata sounds a good idea. I think I may steal that one.

    1. Be my guest! It's one of my favourites and doesn't take a lot of effort. xx