Thursday 26 January 2017

Recipe: pork mince with veg

I did a batch cook today with the pork mince I got from Aldi earlier this week

100g mirepoix (home mixed) - 15p
500g pork mince - £1.89
100g each of frozen peas - 8p; frozen corn - 10p; frozen mixed veg - 8p and frozen mixed peppers - 20p
garlic puree - about 10p
chicken stock cube - 3p
can chopped tomatoes - 25p
50g red lentils - 11p
30g porridge oats - 2p
tomato puree - 20p
various seasonings (pepper, mixed herbs, etc, to own preference) - already accounted for

Put the pork in a large pan that will go on hob and in oven.  Cook, stirring, until it's all coloured and broken up and the oil is releasing.
Add all the veg apart from the lentils and continue stirring while they thaw and heat.
Add the garlic puree, chopped tomatoes, stock cube, lentils and oats.  Add some water so that it is all covered and stir it well.
Put the pan in an oven set to about 180C - no need to preheat.
Let it summer slowly away.  Now and again, get it out and give it a good stir.  Add more water if needed.
Give it a nice long time, then taste and adjust seasonings, if necessary.
Cool, separate into portions and freeze,.  Remember to label each portion unless you like to play lucky dip with your freezer!
For me, it made 9 portions which is 35p per portion and contains loads of the daily F&V requirement!

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