Sunday 28 June 2020

Monday, 29-06-20

Good morning

Yesterday's photos:
A nice, old-fashioned breakfast, very tasty and filling.

I really don't need to say much about lunch - just more of that quiche and some salad.  Loving the raspberry vinaigrette though!

I thought that would be the last of the quiche but no, I cut it into eight, not six, pieces, so I still have two more.  Great!

As for dinner - oh, my goodness.  It was so, so good.
I used part of a pack of 'Chinese stir fry' vegetables because it has bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and bean sprouts as well as other veg and very tasty it was too.
The 'crispy' cabbage wasn't really crispy.  Bits were but not all of it.  Next time, I will try baking it long and slow instead of high and fast and see if that makes a difference.  I sprinkled over some salt, sweetener and five spice and it was an amazing taste; it definitely added to the dish - I ate it sprinkled over the stir fry and couscous

Yesterday's calories:
The planned meals:  1002 cals
I had a go at something that was not totally unsuccessful but lacking flavour and I 'spent' an extra 90 cals eating one portion.  I will use the other three portions at some point and will go back to the drawing board as I think there's potential there.  They're now in the freezer.
I used more like half of the sweet and sour sauce so I need to pay another 35 calories for that.
I also had a banana that was getting too soft for another 90 calories
To sort of balance all this, I didn't have my after lunch apple and after the dinner I was way too full for the yogurt so that's 130 cals to pay back!
Having done the maths, the total for the day is 1091, which is lower than I expected.  I must see if I can up the calories a bit today; I don't really want to go below 1200 all that often.  But isn't it amazing how much you can have for your calories when you stay off the junk!
Today's plans:
B:  breakfast bake
Based on a Pinch of Nom recipe and basically using what I have in the fridge/cupboard.  Cook the potato (microwave) and cube it.  Cook the bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes in the same pan.
In an overproof dish tip the bacon and veg.  Spoon over the beans and top with the cubed potato.  Spray with oil and back in a 200C oven until the potato is browning.

2 bacon medallions = 104 cals
half a can baked beans = 178 cals
100g potato = 75 cals
mushroom = 10 cals
tomatoes = 20 cals
(the last three are approx until I prepare and weigh)
total = 387 cals
SW:  free

L:  mushroom omelette, salad; apple
I've made this countless times since I invested a small amount on an omelette maker from Aldi.  I expected it would be a typical 'gadget' (ie, stuck in the cupboard) but I use it a lot.  I mix up the egg, start it off, and in the time it takes to cook, I have prepped the salad.  Easy and very quick.

two eggs - 156 cals
mushroom - around 10 cals
salad = 30 cals approx
apple = 50 cals
total = 246 cals
SW:  free

D:  salmon, broad beans, some other veg, new potatoes; yogurt
It was planned to be macaroni cheese until a visit to the allotment yesterday when I came back with these.
Can't wait.

123g salmon = 224 cals
broad beans = 26 cals
broccoli, 100g = 34 cals
new potatoes = 125 cals
1 tbsp butter (have to with new potatoes) = 120 cals
(that's two of the pats of butter in the freezer)
yogurt = 80 cals
total = 609 cals
SW:  six syns for the butter and half a syn for the yogurt

S:  fruit

Body Magic:  hopefully, more work at the allotment.

1242 cals (that's better)
no healthy extras - ooops!
six and a half syns

I'll finish with a link.  This made me laugh out loud, given my opinion on certain Slimming World oddities.
Slimming World Members Arrested
I hope it makes you laugh too.


  1. Love the link! Made me laugh out loud....It really highlights the ridiculousness of it. Xx

    1. It really does. I'm afraid I'm not a 'good' SW girl - I apply a hefty dollop of common or garden sense to it all. Anything that restricts stewed apple or mashed banana but allows one to have unlimited amounts of rice or pasta is not entirely sensible.
      But, with common sense, it's generally a very good structure and works for me.
      I'd never make a good consultant for SW, would I?

  2. I agree with your about an omelette maker, they're great. My sandwich toaster has removable plates so I can make omelettes, sandwiches, waffles etc. Far easier to make an omelette that way, a very convenient little gadget.

    1. What a good idea, to have the two in one machine - a real space saver. I must ponder. :-)