Tuesday 23 June 2020

Tuesday, 23-06-20

Weigh in was Really Bad News, as I had expected after a weekend away but never mind, I know what to do!

Yesterday's breakfast, eaten in the bright sunshine outside.

And lunch, eaten ditto!

Dinner was Hunter's Chicken.

Today's meal plans:
B:  oat bran galettes with strawberries; Mullerlight yogurt
I did a whole long waffle about oat bran galettes here before realising that it would be better as a separate recipe post, so that's what I will be doing later on.
galettes = 150 cals
strawberries = 50 cals
Mullerlight = 80 cals
Total = 280 cals
SW:  half a heB and half a syn

L:  cheesy mushroom omelette with tomatoes; apple
I usually have this as a breakfast but why not have it for lunch? 
two eggs = 156 cals
one mushroom, chopped = 5 cals (roughly)
15 g grated cheddar = 63 cals
100g tomatoes = 18 cals
apple = 50 cals
total = 292 cals
SW:  half a heA

D:  lemon chicken and stir fry veg; Mullerlight
I want to make the lemon chicken like I made the orange chicken last week from the Pinch of Nom book and I'm going to be a little bit naughty (unfrugal) and buy a bag of stir fry veg from Morrisons instead of chopping and slicing..
As the recipe uses orange squash (sounds yuck but works), I will use lemon squash and, if needed, add a dash of lemon juice to ooomph it up a bit.
the recipe = 192 cals
stir fry veg = a quarter of the pack is 52 cals
sesame oil for stirfrying, 1 tsp = 40 cals
couscous = 45 cals
Mullerlight = 80 cals
total = 409 cals
SW:  two syns for the oil

S:  fruit

BM:  watering and weeding

981 calories (plus fruit)
half a heA and half a B plus two and a half syns

It doesn't seem much for a good day's eating, does it?  I'll see how it all goes.

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