Thursday 18 October 2018

Thursday, 18-10-18

Good morning.

Yesterday's dinner worked out very well indeed.  Maybe the pork burger was a tiny bit too fennel-y but it was still really nice and the best thing is that from the mixture that was supposed to make four burgers, I got seven using my burger press so they were more frugal that it appeared at first.  The squash wedges weren't really wedges, obviously, but were delicious in their way with a spice mix sprinkle made of smoked paprika, cumin, coriander and garlic granules.
I used one tsp each of the paprika, cumin and coriander and half a tsp of the garlic granules.  There's some left and I might add a bit of curry powder to it and add it to cubed chicken before either grilling or spray frying it.
The burger recipe is totally not mine (except that I added some garlic puree) so here's a link to where you can find it.
Warning - this site is laden with adverts.  Scroll down to nearly the bottom to find the recipe.

Today's plans:
B:  cooked breakfast of beans, bacon, egg and potato waffle; tomatoes
I have beans left over from Tuesday that need using up and a shedload of eggs after being given some on Monday.
I fancy the tomatoes raw so will eat them like little sweets.  They're still garden grown!  Amazing.
Two syns for the waffle.

L:  apple and orange, maybe a yogurt as well
One syn for the yogurt

D:  cuban beef - a casserole with added veg.  I'm short on the healthy extra Bs today so might shred some of the beef and pop it into a wholemeal roll.  I'll see how it all goes.
SW free

Trying for no snacks today!  It's weigh in this evening and my fingers are crossed that I have lost that holiday gain.


  1. Those burgers sound delish. How is the weight loss coming on? I have stalled and though I'm not gaining, I'm not losing either

    1. Well, I gained last week after being on holiday but apart from that I've lost every week and I'm hoping I've lost most of what I gained. I will see this evening and my fingers are crossed!
      I think sometimes we do maintain fo no obvious reason but it might be worth keeping a strict food diary for a week, just to see if there any unhelpful patterns developing.