Sunday, 18 August 2019

Recipe: Suzanne's salad dressing

(slightly adapted by Joy)

2 tbsp vinegar, red, balsamic or a mix of both (I used balsamic as I love the stuff)
4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
pinch each of salt and pepper
a good tsp French mustard (Dijon, wholegrain or whatever)
and my additions - a squeeze each of garlic puree and chilli puree

Put everything in a jar with a tight fitting lid.  Shake really well.
Keep in a cool place.

I've checked the half batch I made yesterday and it hasn't separated much at all.

SW info:
Well, oil is high syn.  One tbsp is six syns so what is used in this is 24 syns
The mustard is half a syn
The rest is SW free.
With all the additions, you end up with about seven tbsps of dressing so, if you measure one tbsp for your salad (which is quite enough), you use just over three syns which is reasonable, I think, and adds a lot to the salad.

You can buy balsamic dressing, I know, and I have to be fair and say that Tesco's balsamic dressing is one syn per tbsp, but home made is the real deal, so much nicer and you know what's gone into it.

I treated myself to a diddy little kilner-style jar which is perfect for this as it's easy to get everything in and easy to give it a good shake without worrying about the lid flying off.

It's easy to scale up or down to make different amounts - all you need is a set of measuring spoons.

And finally - I'll post a photo when I have one.

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