Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Wednesday, 21-08-19

Good morning.
Yesterday's eating was absolutely delicious with one surprise and no blips whatsoever!

Breakfast was just some fruit
Lunch was the leftover frittata with some crunchy salad stuff

Dinner was some chicken with  runner beans from the garden and the ratatouille, made yesterday morning.  I ended up with five portions of ratatouille, each of which is three syns so that's OK.  It was very, very good.

And then an extra.  After reading about a chocolate 'cake' made with chickpeas, I decided to give it a go and wow!  I've posted about it separately and am very happy to have eleven more slices in the freezer.  Small slices, but a perfect portion for me.

I've only just realised - I discarded the water from the chickpeas and that was wasteful as it can be used for all sorts of things although maybe not all that SW friendly.

Today's plans:
B:  bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms
I just love this time of year when the tomatoes are ripening rapidly and there's enough to have some at every meal if you want.  They are so, so delicious and healthy as well.
SW:  free

L:  smoked salmon fillet with salad; orange
It should be a watercress salad but Morrison's seems to have stopped doing watercress which is right annoying!  The recipe is to be found in the Healthy Diet magazine, p 17.
SW:  half a syn for some horseradish for a dressing.  I will be using a yogurt/quark mixture rather than the creme fraiche the recipe asks for so fingers crossed that it works.

D:  chicken, runner beans, roasted tomatoes;  berries and natural yogurt
Lots of delicious speed veg from the garden!
SW:  hopefully, free

Body magic:  a walk.


  1. I've never, to my knowledge, eaten a cake made with chickpeas, I've tried a black bean brownie and lots of things made with aquafaba, maybe chickpea chocolate cake is in my future!

    1. :-) Maybe so. I was quite shocked as I didn;t expect anything very much. I've now tracked down a lemon effort made more or less the same way. I'll give that a go at some point.

  2. I've made chickpea and black eyed pea cake both very delicious. Apparently you can make meringue with the chickpea water. Never tried myself .

    1. So I gather. I've not tried it either - too much sugar!