Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Wednesday, 28-08-19

Morning, everyone.
Yesterday's food photos.
Breakfast was a good old fashioned cooked one - cooked in a more healthy way.

Lunch was just tuna mixed with mayo and chives plus salad veg.  It was good and filling.

Two weeks ago I won the raffle at SW and the prize was an ice lolly maker and some fizzy drinks.
This lolly was made with Morrisons apple and pear barley no added sugar squash and it was lovely and refreshing in the heat.

I forgot to photo the chilli for dinner but it was good too.  The home made creme fraiche was so lovely and now I am wondering if one can make it with single cream.  I think I have to have a go, don't I?

Today's food plans:
B:  fruit and yogurt
SW free

L:  well, dinner really as grandson Alex is round and has asked for a roast dinner.
I have some silverside which I will roast long and slow and will do some roasted potatoes and veg the SW way plus some runner beans.  No Yorkshires though as they are just way too tempting and one can't make just a few.
SW:  I'm hoping it will be free apart from a few syns for some horseradish sauce.

D:  balsamic steak salad
I found this on the Internet and will give it a try.  I will use some (or all) of the leftover beef.
SW:  three syns for some salad dressing.


  1. I always feel fuller for longer on a cooked breakfast and yours looks delicious.

    1. What really was nice with it was the tomato relish. I'm so glad I made it.
      I agree, cooked breakfasts really do seem to satisfy.

  2. Not made lollies for years but I sometimes but some 1.5 syn mini milks. I love their creaminess.

    1. Nor I. A lolly maker is not something I would buy but I'm certainly using it at present.