Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Tuesday, 27-08-19

Good morning!
Yesterday was definitely not Slimming World compliant, given the gorgeous afternoon tea my lovely friend, Julia, provided.  I did my best but it would have been extremely rude not to appreciate all the good things she had provided and, hopefully, by not having a large breakfast or lunch, I minimised any damage.
And it was most enjoyable!

So today it is straight back on the wagon with all my strength!

B:  bacon, egg and tomato, melon
A classic SW breakfast, hearty and filling.  I 'fry' the egg the SW way - here's a link to the method on the wonderful Slimming Eats site - and cook bacon medallions in a little oil, remove the bacon and then cook the tomatoes in the same pan.  It's lovely!
The bacon is part of a stack of medallions I got on YS, ages ago now, but that's the beauty of a freezer, isn't it?
SW:  two syns for one tsp olive oil

L:  tuna lettuce cups with salad
This is a small can of tuna, drained and mixed with some super-light mayo and maybe a very little chopped spring onion if I have any, then piled into lettuce leaves with more salad on the side.  I will also add some of my home made lemon dressing (must make some more!)
SW:  two tbsp of mayo is one syn and the dressing will be three syns

D:  chilli con carne with runner beans, and shredded cabbage, berries and natural yogurt
I have some savoury turkey mince in the freezer, to which I will add a chopped chilli (from the garden - they may be small but they pack a punch) and some kidney beans from the freezer.  I note that full fat creme fraiche is two and a half syns for a tbsp so I can easily 'afford' a spoonful on top.
I'm making some creme fraiche, you see.  It's just some double cream with some natural yogurt added and left out in the warmth to sour.  I have just a bit, an experiment's-worth, in a wee kilner type jar, this is the ideal opportunity to try it and it should be ready by this evening.  If not, then it will be yogurt instead!
The turkey mince is the last (I think) of a batch I made a while ago now, using some turkey mince found on special.  Not quite the same as beef mince but, if you use big tomatoey flavours and spices, it works jolly well and it is very tender, which I like.
SW:  two and a half syns for the creme fraiche, if I have it.

I haven't planned in any healthy extras today.  The main reason is that yesterday I had more than I should have and I'm just levelling it out a bit.  I know it isn't strictly SW but it suits me and I think I have a tasty and healthy day's eating without them so I am not worried.

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