Thursday 29 August 2019

Thursday, 29-08-19

Good morning!

Yesterday's lunch for grandson went really well and, thank goodness, it was pretty SW friendly as well.
I had a nice piece of silverside that was under £9 in Morrisons.  I rubbed a very little bit of vegetable oil over it and then browned it off in a pan before popping it into my enamel roaster on a trivet thingy with carrot, onion and herbs (oragano, sage, thyme, rosemary and a couple of bay leaves (simply because that's what is in the garden), salt and pepper.  I added some water to the pan to deglaze it and added that, then popped on the lid and slow roasted it all morning at around 160C.  DEad easy and it came out as tender as anything and a great flavour.

I did the roasted veg the usual way, using spray oil to make them SW friendly.  I actually prefer them like that to swimming in oil or fat.  I cooked some runner beans and made some gravy with meat juices for Alex - in fact, a typical roast dinner.  And it was absolutely gorgeous.  I had a good helping of the beef as it was very lean, one piece of potato and the carrots, parsnips and runners and it was so, so filling.
As far as I can tell, it was just one and a half syns for 2 tsps of the creamed horseradish.  Perfick!  But no photos as I had a guest and I don't - not polite!

I had some of the leftover beef in salad for tea and found a lovely dressing to drizzle over it.  I shall do this again today and probably, feature the dressing in a separate post.

Today's plans:
B:  tomatoes on toast
I suddely have loads and loads of tomatoes with more ripening almost by the hour.  Lovely.  I'll cook the tomatoes in spray oul and will brush the bread with a bit of olice oil before toasting it under the grill
SW:  one healthy extra B and three syns

L:  roast beef salad.
As described above.  Loads of tomatoes on the side!
SW:  four syns for the dressing

D:  something from the freezer after SW group.


  1. I bet Alex loves coming to yours for lunch! (I would, too!) xx