Sunday 18 August 2019

Sunday, 18-08-19


I dodged the peppercorn sauce bullet yesterday.  Luckily, Dad had one portion of the Pinch of Nom sauce in his freezer so I had that, he had a sachet from Tesco and there was enough left to replace the little pot I had!  Now I need to remember that what is now in the freezer is around four syns!

Today's plans:
B:  banana oat pancakes, fruit and natural yogurt
I so love these and there will be enough to freeze some for next time I come.  I brought a banana with me but dad has some that are a fair bit riper so I might use one of those.  Depending on the yogurt and fruit, this is a nice, economical breakfast as I use home made yogurt and seasonal fruit - you don't need much extra fruit with banana already in the pancake.  Come September, I can use my autumn fruiting raspberries.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the oats - well, half really, given that I am going to save half for another time. If the pancake batter is a bit thick, each 20 mls of semi-skimmed is half a syn so I won't be fussing about it either way.

L:  scrambled egg on toast, maybe an apple
I bought half a dozen eggs in order to make the breakfast pancakes as Dad doesn't keep eggs in so scrambled eggs will work nicely to use some up, I think.  I might also have garden tomatoes on the side.
SW:  the other half heB for one small slice of wholemeal.

D:  cottage pie and runner beans, bananas and custard
I froze some portions of savoury mince last time I was here and will use one of the two portion packs.  It's loaded with lovely free veg with added lentils and a few oats to thicken (not enough per single portion to need to count it though).  I'll make a beany mixture for Beth, who is vegetarian, as she's stopping off for dinner on her way home after a weekend away.  Topped with cheesy mash, that will make tasty mains.  The runner beans are from the garden and are delicious as well as frugal.
Actually, I will have one egg to use up.  I wonder what egg beaten into the potato will be like - I'll look that one up and see if it's a thing (as they say).
Dessert is at Dad's request, to use up the bananas - a good, old fashioned school dinner dessert.
SW:  two healthy extra As for the grated cheddar I am going to stir into the mash topping.  I've looked up the syns for custard and it looks as if it will cost around five syns made up as long as I don't have loads.  I might make separate ramekin dishes to ensure I don't - it looks a bit more adult served that way too!  In fact, I could even have yogurt on mine instead, couldn't I?  (sorry, I'm thinking out loud here)

I need to start planning next week's meals.  I've brought some magazines with me so will look for ones I can adapt ('optimise' says SW) to meet SW expectations.  I'd like to make them more or less SP too, so need to get my thinking cap on.  Things go so much better when it's all been carefully planned out and, what with holidays, etc, I haven't done much planning for a couple of weeks so am raring to get back onto it again.

Have a healthy day with some great frugal food, everyone.


  1. Morning Joy. Egg beaten into mash is definitely a 'thing', we do it often, it makes the mash more sort of creamy without having to add loads of butter and/or milk. Although I do love loads of butter in my mash! xx

    1. Well, butter is a definite no-no so there you go! I was thinking that the egg would be a good sub and I will definitely try it and see, thanks.