Monday, 5 August 2019

Monday, 05-08-19

Good morning.

When I got home yesterday I picked all these lovely, healthy, frugal things from the garden.  The orange tomatoes are sungolds but I can't remember offhand what the other two kinds are and it's too dark to go out and check the label.

I had the big tomatoes sliced, sprayed with oil, seasoned, slices of halloumi light laid on top and baked in the oven until the cheese was browned and the tomatoes soft.  Lovely with the runner beans and some rice and sauce left over from midday dinner.
The sauce was not SW friendly (but it was delicious), the rest was.

Today is going to be all hiddledy-piggledy as I have to use up available food from the fridge and don't want anything left over.  SW will disappear out the window but I'll try to make it healthy.

B:  natural yogurt and fruit

L:  salad and I will hard boil a couple of eggs to have with it.

D:  I have new potatoes to use up so I will boil them and cut them up. Then fry together some of the tomatoes, mushroom and onion, add the potato, pop in the oven sprayed over and bake until nice and brown.  That might be enough but if it isn't, I will add a small can of tuna to the mix.

Hopefully, that will do.

Reminding you that I won't be posting food plans while I'm away but will get right back on it again when I come home.


  1. Morning Joy, nothing like homegrown produce is there, it's delicious.

    1. The best flavour, definitely, and it's just such a great feeling to pick, prep and eat. Or, in the case of the tomatoes, pick, quick wipe over with the palm of your hand, eat!

  2. I could eat halloumi by the bucket load!
    We had our first runner beans for dinner this evening. They were lovely.
    The tomatoes aren't ready yet, but look very promising!

    1. The first runner beans each year are simply amazing. The ones we freeze are good but not a patch on those on the plant an hour ago fresh picked beans. Pretty much food for the soul. xx

  3. We froze a lot last year but I wasn't keen on them. Will just have to eat them very day for a few weeks!

    1. That doesn't feel too much of a hardship really. I wonder how they would taste in a salad, cooked and cold, like French beans.