Friday, 30 August 2019

Friday, 30-08-19

Good morning.
A nice day's eating yesterday.
I missed breakfast, just wasn't hungry, so hyad the tomatoes on toast for lunch.  Beth joined me so no photos.  I did it sort of Med style, with sourdough (healthy extra B) brushed with olive oil (two syns per tsp) before toasting and a crumble of feta over the top for half a healthy extra A

Dinner was what I had planned for lunch and the horseradish dressing was so nice, I have posted it as a separate recipe.  I'm now thinking that the base (créme fraiche and yogurt) might be nice with mint, etc.  I shall give it a go at some point.

Today's plans.
B:  I still have tomatoes so will be having tomatoes on toast again.  It's just so good with home grown tomatoes and any recipe would start off  "First, catch your tomatoes"!!!
SW:  one small slice of wholemeal is half a healthy B and I will just brush half with oil, the half the tomatoes will go on.  It stops the toast going soggy, you see.  That will be one syn.

L:  It will probably be fruit and yogurt as I do have some fruit to use up before the weekend.
SW:  free

D:  Out with Dad so not sure.


  1. Looking is and sounds delicious as always.

    1. Thanks. The tomatoes on toast certainly was nice.