Saturday 3 August 2019

Saturday, 03-08-19

Good morning.
We will draw a veil over last night's little indulgence.  I enjoyed my fish and chips (ooooh, naughty) very much indeed.

Moving on . . . today's plans.
B:  I've brought a mushy old banana with me to Dad's, and some eggs, so will make the oat pancakes I love so much.  I'll offer some to Dad but I doubt he will take me up on the offer.  He likes his shredded wheat with fruit and nuts added!
SW:  one healthy extra B for the oats

L:  cold meat and salad
between dad's tomatoes, my cucumber and all the bits and bobs Dad has in his fridge, I can knock up a nice, SW-friendly salad
SW:  one syn for some mayo

D:  Lamb leg steak, new potatoes, runner beans (first fruits from my garden - yay) and yellow courgette (first fruits from Dad's - lovely)  I don't know whether, in a blind test, I could tell the difference between a green and a yellow courgette but I always prefer the yellow ones.  That bright skin is so cheering.
SW:  pretty much free really, unless I have some gravy.

Ss:  water

Body Magic:  a walk.

Today's plans may be SW friendly but they are not frugal.  Well, they are for me because I'm not paying for much of it, just my breakfast, but it's what Dad would like so that's what we will have!

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