Monday 26 August 2019

Monday, 26-08-19

Good morning.
I'm working my way through all that YS food.  The two packs of mixed veg (carrot, cauliflower and broccoli) looked a bit careworn, not good enough to have fresh but perfectly OK for soup so, heatwave or not, that's what I made.  I threw both packs into Thermione, added an onion, some water and two chicken stock pots plus some old butterbeans from the freezer, boiled it all up, added some seasoning and zizzed it to smooth and lo and behold, four very tasty and good-sized portions of soup for the cooler months, under 20p a portion and completely SW free.  Yay!  I love my freezer.

Breakfast:  delicious.  One healthy extra's-worth of dairylea light (80g) was more than plenty for the sauce so next time I will try 40g and add the quark I didn't add this time, just to see..  And one tsp's-worth of olive oil is just enough to brush over the bread to make 'fried' bread - something worth the learning.
It was surprisingly filling too.

I didn't take a photo of lunch because a friend turned up unexpectedly so I shared ther pancakes, etc, with her and didn't photo.  I was really glad I had made a batch of them in the morning.

I followed the Pinch of Nom recipe for the spice mix to go on the salmon - p 94 of The Book.  The rest will be used because it was actually very nice indeed.

Today's plans:
B:  yogurt and fruit
. . . because I love it and I have a new batch of yogurt
SW: free

Then it gets complicated because I'm going to a friend's for afternoon tea to celebrate her birthday so I will have some fruit just before I leave in the hopes that I won't pig out on cucumber sandwiches and Victoria sponge.

At least it should be frugal!

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