Friday 23 August 2019

Friday: 23-08-19

Morning, fellow frugal slimmers!
No photos yesterday.  I just forgot, sorry.
However, I did make that tomato and red onion relish and it was/is/will be delicious.  I've posted about it separately.

One pound off at weigh in.  I'll take that with gratitude.

Today's plans:
B:  Just fruit, I think.  That's what I fancy

L:  chicken salad wrap, lightly pickled cabbage; apple
The other day I started some raspberry vinegar by just steeping crushed raspberries with white wine vinegar for a couple of days.  The flavour and the colour are both lovely!  So I will thinly slice some white cabbage and some red onion and let it pickle for a few hours in some of the raspberry vinegar.
SW:  three syns for some home made salad dressing and a healthy extra B

D:  crispy coated chicken strips, SW chips, roasted tomatoes
I found this recipe on the Fat Girl Skinny site, here.  The rest in garden tomatoes and my favourite SW chips that I am being very good about and hardly ever having right now.
SW:  five and a half syns for the bag of crisps to make the crunchy topping - one portion only needs half the bag but I won't be throwing the rest away, will I now?  Also three syns for half tbsp of oil to roast the tomatoes in.


  1. Morning Joy, very well done on the pound off!! I just knew you'd have nothing to worry about. And oh I did have to laugh at the very idea of anybody throwing away half a bag of crisps! Just wouldn't happen, would it?! xx