Saturday 24 August 2019

Saturday, 24-08-19

Good morning!
Yesterday I forgot to say how luck I was on Thursday evening when I popped into Morrisons after Group.  They had reduced the already reduced fruit and veg and I got:
a pack of edamame bean stir fry (I've had that before and it is lovely)
two packs of mixed veg (carrot, cauli and broccoli)
a pack of four small corn on the cobs or, as it said on the pack, cobettes!  Honestly!
a pack of raspberries
six easy peelers
a pack of two red gem lettuces
and a loaf of wholemeal bread
and they were all either 5p or 6p.
I reckon I did OK there and now, combined with what I'm getting from my garden, there's no excuse for not eating my fruit and veg, is there?
(and I did leave plenty for others too)

Yesterday's food:
Breakfast was fruit.
This was lunch.  I forgot to add the pickled onion and cabbage to the bowl before taking a photo.

It was all very fresh and tasty, just right for a warm summer's day.

(apologies for the very odd light)

The crunchy coated chicken strips were really lovely and definitely one to do again . . .

. . . while dessert was great with that 'not cake', some natural yogurt and raspberries from the garden.

The trouble with tasty food like this is you can start feeling it has to be more calories than it really is, it has to be fattening.
No complaints!

Today's food:
B:  oat waffles with fruit and natural yogurt
I so love these and haven't had any since before France so I reckon it is long overdue.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the oats

L:  chicken salad
I will be able to put together a lovely salad and I might have some corn on the cob as well, seeing as I have some to eat up.
SW:  3 syns for salad dressing, 1 syn for coleslaw

D:  chicken and bean curry; fruit yogurt
The last of the chicken (it was lovely and I'll do it again at some point) with the edamame stir fry mix and I have remembered that I have some SW sauces in the freezer from the time when I was trying them out so I will use one of them.  They are all curry sauces but that will be OK, they are just to add so I can still stirfry the bean thingy and then add the sauce.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt

Ss:  I am having snacks again - tomatoes.  Ripening thick and fast now, nicer than sweets and much better for me!

Body Magic:  Walking around town.


  1. Morning Joy - wow, well done on the bargains. That edamame stirfry mix is our favourite. Our tomatoes still aren't ripe yet, but not far off with this weather. The coated chicken strips look good. xx

    1. They were very good, Sooze. Worth the syns, I would say and so very easy to do. Next time, I will try nugget sized bits instead.
      Once your tomatoes get started, you will have so many to enjoy. I guess that I do live in a pretty mild part of the country and also the garden is quite sheltered by next door's fence and some trees. It all helps.
      And the stir fry is lovely, isn't it? I'm always pleased when I catch it on YS.
      Have a lovely day. xx