Friday 2 August 2019

Friday, 02-08-19

Good morning!

Happy, happy, happy!  Six pounds off last night!  Three cheers and one more for luck!
Now, obviously, I haven't REALLY lost that much fat in one week; last week's reading was distorted by the heat and fluid retention but it is jolly nice to be well on track again and it's a huge relief all round.

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(borrowed from Google - cute, isn't it?)

Next week's weigh in is on Monday at another group because I will be away on Thursday so if anything can keep me on track over the weekend, that can.

Today's plans:
Because Dad is taking me out to the Millstream this evening, I think I will have an apple or a banana first thing, then a brunch sort of thing at around eleven thirty-ish.
I thought I would try the recipe of the week on the SW site.  Herbed cheese and bacon souffle.  I think it sounds nice enough to try and special enough to keep me on track.  It's more a sort of quiche than a souffle with no flour but you separate the egg, cook bacon, chilli (I have some in the freezer) and spring onion, separate an egg, whisk up the white, add the mixture, herbs and grated Italian hard cheese, fold in the white and cook in a ramekin in a bain marie. I will have some salad with it - cucumber and tomatoes, of course, and some leaves.
SW:  one healthy extra A - which gives me more cheese than the recipe asks for.

As for dinner - goodness knows but I do know one meal doth not a disaster make.  I'll let you know what I had tomorrow.

Just to say that from next Wednesday for a week I won't be posting food plans.  I can't, as it won't be up to me, I'm pretty sure, but I will try to post about what I had during the day as much as possible.

For now it's fingers crossed for the weekend and for Monday evening.


  1. Well done on the weight loss. I have dropped two pounds in three days but think most of that was water retention.. I don't care what it was as long as it's a loss and not a gain

    1. Totally agree with you and thanks very much. xx

    2. And really well done on your two pound loss. It all counts, after all.

  2. 6lbs is great, think I'd explode with pride (and relief) if I ever registered that much, water retention or not! French food, yum. They say Parisienne women keep slim eating all that butter, cheese, pates and bread, hmmmm? Jolly well enjoy yourself, sounds like it will be a lovely holiday x

    1. I was very pleased, thanks. :-)
      I thinkl the food will be pretty healthy really. Lots of fruit and veg and a little lean meat. I can live with that. I'll find out in less than a week, won't I?