Sunday 25 August 2019

Sunday, 25-08-19

Morning, everyone.
To start with, just to say I have added a link to Fat Girl Skinny to my 'Recommended Sites' page (see tab at the top) and I am updating the recipe links page every time I post a recipe, to make it easier for people to find them.

Yesterday, I didn't have breakfast (confession).  I didn't fancy it before I left for town and by the time I got home, it was too close to lunch so I missed it out and paid for it later on when I was more peckish than I ought to have been.  I contained it but it wasn't easy!

Lunch was a chicken and feta salad and it was just perfect for a warm day.  I've not nearly finioshed my lemon salad dressing and must make some more - it's nice!

For dinner, I ended up having two curries and some fancy rice.

I used the edamame bean stir fry and a pot of SW jalfrezi sauce which I had in the freezer, adding the remains of the roasted chicken.  It was very tasty and, because the recipe is on the inside of the pot lid (thank you, SW), I shall make that sauce again at some point.

I rather fancied something else to go with it so made up some dahl, using a pot of dahl spice (I got from the matket and, adding to it, two chillies from the garden.  It had a very satisfying oomph to it.  That, with a bit of fancy rice (in a pouch) made for a filling and tasty dinner and now, in the freezer I have:
three portions of chicken and bean jalfrezi (free)
four portions of spicy dahl (one syn each, for the oil I softened the onion in)
two little pots of fancy rice . . .
. . . so that's a few more dinners sorted.

Today's plans:
B:  creamy mushrooms on fried bread
I will brush the bread with a bit of oil before popping it under the grill - it's like fried bread but without soaking up loads of fat.  The 'creamy' bit will be dairylea light and a dollop of quark, melted into the mushrooms that have been cooked in spray oil and any olive oil left from brushing over the bread.  I might pop a few raw tomatoes on the side too.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the bread, one healthy A for the dairylea and probably just two syns for the oil on the bread (one tsp), but I'll see how that works when I do it.

L:  Oat waffles with fruit and yogurt
I had two manky bananas so I'm half way through making a double batch of banana oat pancakes.  Half a portion of pancakes will be enough for lunch with a good dollop of yogurt and some fruit.
SW:  three syns for the oats because I've already had my healthy extra B for the day

D: salmon, runner beans, another veg
When I was in town yesterday, the fish stall had some sides of salmon for £15 so I invested in one.  Once home, it cut into 11 fillets which is under £1.40 a pop, very much better than at the supermarket.  So I'm well provided with salmon now. 
In the Pinch of Nom book, there's a recipe for Moroccan spiced salmon and, as I have all the ingredients for the spice mix, I might try that.
I'm not sure what the 'other veg' will be; maybe I'll see how many tomatoes ripen during the day.
SW:  counting up my syns, I can see that I can afford a tbsp of seafood sauce for two syns.

Lots of cooking today - I'm glad I enjoy that particular activity.


  1. Well done with the salmon, a couple of times we've managed to get a half side for around £10 when it's been reduced in the supermarket for being on date. We do as you do and cut it into fillets and freeze it. I love salmon, it really is my favourite fish. Enjoy your cooking day, Joy xx

    1. I'm sure I will, it's the resulting mess I don't enjoy!
      I love salmon too and it's supposed to be very good for you which is great!
      I hope you have a good day too.

  2. Morning......I’m on my second week of SW and enjoying most of the plan. Having a sweet tooth I am struggling a little bit with syns because I do like to use them for “normal” food like yourself, dressings etc. I also seem to be addicted to yellow flat peaches and could easily eat three a day! Could you give me your recipe for yogurt please? I have an Easio container. Looking through your diaries you have definitely got this plan nailed!!! You are an inspiration. x

    1. I posted a reply and then forgot to publish!! Doh!
      My yogurt is just long life milk (so no need to scald it) and some of the last batch of yogurt, done in my Instant Pot on the yogurt setting for eight or nine hours. The easiyo is the one where you fill the outer pot with boiling water and use mixes, isn't it? I'd be tempted to give it a go with long life milk and yogurt, done the Easiyo way and just see if it works. It might very well do.

      I didn't struggle with sweet things as they're not my weaknesseas but crisps, nuts, cheese - oh, my! Just as unhealthy in their own way and in the amounts I had!
      I don't think three peaches a day is terribly naughty and they are really tasty at the moment. Better than chocolate, etc, for sure.
      From a health point of view, I like to use the syns for 'normal' things and just recently I am trying to up the amount of healthy oils I have (ie olive oil). Synning them stops me having too much which is good for me.
      Thank you for your kind comments. It's going OK now but there have been blips, mostly centred around holidays and emotional things too. I guess that's life and the important thing is to just keep going.
      Good luck to you on your journey.

    2. Thank you. I too think olive oil is important and love the lemon dressing. Will have a go with making yogurt because I use it in so many ways. A Hi Fi bar is my go to when craving something sweet.x

    3. I think it is worth a go anyway. It's so much more frugal to make your own.

  3. Button, I also strain it once it has set. I forgot to say.