Tuesday 20 August 2019

Tuesday, 20-08-19

Good morning, everyone!

Lunch was lovely!
I made an oil and lemon dressing that was gorgeous and went just right with the feta, olives, apple and walnuts.  The 'backing' salad was enhanced by a few fresh peas from some plants in a pot (nearly over now).

I've posted about the dressing.   I know it's nothing different or in the least unusual but it was tasty, made from scratch and I didn't get it from a book!  I hope someone finds my rambly recipes helpful.  :-)

I changed the dinner planning.  Instead of doing two meals with salad, after realising how many garden runners and tomatoes I had, I had them instead with my chicken and veg frittata.  Very tasty too.

I didn't save on syns because I roasted the tomatoes in half a tbsp of olive oil.  It does make such a positive difference to the end result.

As planned, I cooked the chicken yesterday, partitioned it all off and pressure boiled the bones and bits.  Now I have loads of meat and a bowl of really good chicken stock.  The stock will go into smaller pots and I will use it for my soups once it gets chillier and I start making them for lunches again.  The meat will be the basis for my meals this week; indeed, I have already used all the 'bits' in the frittata,  although there is so much meat that some will go into the freezer, carefully wrapped.

Today's plans:
B:  something light, an apple and an orange
Just because . . .
SW:  free

L:  It was going to be a chicken salad wrap but I have half a frittata left so it will be that instead with a salad
SW:  three and a half syns for some dressing.  The healthy A was counted yesterday

D:  chicken and ratatouille
I came home with a large, round courgette from Dad's garden and I have plenty of tomatoes from mine plus red onions in the fridge so I bought an aubergine and today I shall make a pot of ratatouille, that wonderful French/Med vegetable stew to go with some of the chicken breast.
SW:  I will use olive oil in the ratatouille, probably two tbsps-worth, which is twelve syns.  However, this will make at least four portions so it's a maximum of three syns for each portion.  The reason is that the oil helps everything to caramelise and turn that sweet, sticky, tomatoey texture that is so gorgeous.  I don't think you can have oil free ratatouille that is worth the name, to be honest.

Ss:  none


  1. I like all your recipes, Joy - sorry if I don't always say so. I agree about the use of oil, and you don't need much to add so much extra flavour, texture and caramelisation. We love ratatouille, I make it often.

    1. Aw, thanks, Sooze. I now realise that comment sounded a bit 'sad'. I didn't mean it to - I was just thinking it was a very ordinary thing to post about and was it worth it? Then I remembered, as I often say, 'my blog, my choices'. :-)

  2. Your recipes are a good example of "maybe try this, it might just work".

    1. That's a great way to describe my ethos! :-)