Thursday 22 August 2019

Recipe: tomato and red onion relish

I do love something spicy and flavoursome on my meat and cheese.  Also, mixed with baked beans or on scrambled egg or . . . oh, you get the idea.
I used to make my own chutneys and still have some, getting more and more mellow as the years pass, but they are sugar laden and I'm really trying to cut out as much of that kind of sugar as I can, just for now.

So when I saw this recipe, my eyes opened and my heart sang a bit.  Obviously, I had to give it a whirl.
I found it on the wonderful Slimming Eats site, here.  If you're doing Slimming World (or just trying to eat more healthily or cut down a bit) it is more than well worth a visit.

I hardly changed it except that I used one can of chopped tomatoes as I didn't have enough big tomatoes from the garden and I'm certainly not going to buy tomatoes at this time of year! 
Oh - and I used ginger puree.

Also, I did as it suggests and used a chilli, a little and hot one from the garden.  It's the first I've used and I wasn't sure exactly how hot so only used one, handling it very warily - and it was just right - for me, anyway.  The only mistake is that I ought to have softened the onion for a bit longer but maybe it will soften more in the jar.  Time will tell.

I have my spicy hit for the week now.  It's fresh tasting with a good hit from the spices. It doesn't make loads, which is good.  If I really like it (and I reckon I will), I will make it again and add some chopped apple to the mix as well.  Remember, I don't believe in tweaks.  :-)

SW info:  the whole lot is just two syns for the maple syrup, that's all.

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