Wednesday 14 August 2019

Recipe: tuna, tomato, cucumber and bean salad

I found the basis for this recipe in the BBC Good Food Healthy magazine.  I adapted it just to match what I actually had.
This amount serves one good portion.

half a can of cannelloni peans, drained and rinsed
some halved cherry tomatoes (I used around ten)
some cucumber, peeled and chopped
a small can of tuna, thoroughly drained
some oregano (dried or fresh and chopped) to own taste

for the dressing
half a tbsp each of red wine vinegar and toasted sesame oil (or extra virgin olive oil)
salt and pepper
a few garlis granules
a small pinch of chilli flakes (to own taste)

Put the drerssing ingredients in a small container with a lid and give it a good shake.
Mix together all the other ingredients, add the dressing, mix it well and serve.

SW info.
Assuming the tuna was in brine or spring water, it is just three syns for the half tbsp of oil.  It's also SP friendly.

I think it would also be lovely with shreds of chicken or flaked salmon replacing the tuna


  1. I love tuna salads, husband's not so keen but he will eat them. As you say, salmon or chicken would be good too.

    1. I reallyt enjoyed it and it was so very easy to make.