Saturday 20 August 2022

Recipe: sausage and bacon bites

I call them 'bites' but they could be meatballs or, larger amounts and shaped into patties, a burger, or, using all the mix, a meatloaf kind of thing.
As they are, they're great for buffets or picnics and I have also had them with a good, home made tomato sauce and pasta.

(SW Consultant, Jen, took the photo at a taster session)

Sausage and bacon bites

to make around 24 (it depends how big you make them really)
six (one pack) Aldi onion and rosemary sausages (the Linda McCartney dupe)
six to eight bacon medallions, all visible fat cut off, chopped very finely
seasonings to own preference – I added some garlic granules, some black pepper and a bit of fajita spice
a very little flour for rolling

spray oil to cook

Squidge the sausages in a bowl (they are skinless), add the finely chopped bacon, seasonings and a little black pepper. No salt – the bacon and the sausages are already seasoned enough.
Mix it all well together – I used my hands.
Shake a little flour over a chopping board. Roll the mix into similar sized balls, using the flour right at the end. You really don’t need much. I got 24 balls from this amount.
Place on a lined tray and chill for a couple of hours.
I cooked them in my Ninja, air fry, 15 mins at 180, shaking once in the middle and using spray oil at the start. I used both trays and the Match function and I had to do six after the first lot had cooked

Or use the oven.

SW values
The sausage and the bacon are free, the flour is two syns for 20 mls (that really is all you need for the lot)
The fajita spice depends on which you use. JD Seasoning fajita spice is free.
Any sauces will need to be synned according to what and how much you use.  In the photo you can see some Crucials BBQ sauce which is half a syn per tbsp

I think you could use other additions.   Instead of bacon, use mince or some mashed pulses..    Or ring the changes with the seasonings.  Worth a try sometime . . .

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