Wednesday 3 August 2022

Wednesday, 03-08-22

 Morning, everyone!

Yesterday's meals:

I had a banana before going to Groove - I find if I go fasting, I get dizzy.
Then I had this sort of fruity Buddha bowl afterwards.  Very refreshing it was too.
Posh sandwiches (not that they look posh, but you know what I mean) with a nice, chunky salad.

It was pretty hot by then so this went down a treat.
Oh, my, what a mess it looks, but it was delicious.  The mince had been cooking all day in the slow cooker and it was gorgeous.  
By adding onion, pepper, mushroom and courgette plus a can of chopped tomatoes and a stock pot, I git four portions from a 500g pack of under 3% mince.  
I did the corn in the Ninja with the chips and it worked pretty well.  A bit crispy around the ends but still very edible.

A yogurt finished the day off nicely.

Today's plans:

B:  fruit
I'm not all that hungry today so will have an apple or something as and when.
SW:  speed

L:  tuna, cottage cheese and salad; fruit
I haven't had this for ages but I do like tuna mixed with cottage cheese.
SW:  free, protein and speed

D:  steak, sweet corn, tomatoes and, maybe, courgette; yogurt
I'm hoping the three veg will all be from the garden.  The steak is from Aldi - I find they do surprisingly good steaks.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt

E:  Personal raining today

no healthy extras.  Oh, well . . .
half a syn

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