Sunday 14 August 2022

Sunday, 14-08-22

Good morning, everyone.
Yesterday's afternoon tea was so delicious.  I swear the table was positively groaning with delicious stuff.  
 However, it is back on the good and healthy food wagon again now.  The One in Twenty One is over!
(and we have planned the next girls' get together)

Yesterday's meals:

No longer Southwold bacon - that's all gone now, but this was OK.  The tomatoes were, of course, gorgeous.
Just the pasta bake leftovers and some salady bits - very satisfying.
The 'afternoon tea' and it was lovely.  We had such a good time.  

Today's meal plans

B:  fruit and yogurt
SW:  one and a half syns for 5% yogurt

L:  sort of meatballs in a tomato sauce, orzo, side salad; fruit
When I say sort of, I mean Aldi's onion and rosemary sausages mixed with finely chopped bacon, rolled into meatballs and the tomato sauce is some I syphoned off the chicken mixture in Thursday, to which I will add various speed veg.  I actually rather like the sound of it but we will see, won't we?
SW:  one healthy extra A of grated cheese to sprinkle over the top

D:  steak, roasties, corn on the cob, tomatoes; yogurt
I will use one of my hamper items, the canned potatoes, to make the roasties - some of them , anyway!
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt and one and a half for some mustard on the steak

E:  Lindsey stuff - her clips are a godsend in this hot weather.

one healthy extra QA
no healthy extra B
three and a half syns


  1. Canned potatoes roasted are a revelation I think, so much tastier than simply heated up straight out of the tin. xx

    1. That's what I heard, Sooze, plus they are quick. Definitely worth a try - especially with a freebie. Fingers crossed. xx