Tuesday 9 August 2022

Tuesday, 09-08-22

Morning, everyone!
I can't believe how well this week is going.  (fingers firmly crossed, touching wood and any other superstitious stuff you can think of).

I think working on a biggish crochet project is helping a lot.  I'm having to concentrate on learning new stitches and following a pattern, something I haven't done much with crochet before, and it is keeping my mind off food and my fingers out of the fridge.

Long may it last!

Yesterday's meals:

Delicious fruit and yogurt on a bed of crushed weetabix.  What style, eh?!!!
I do love a good toastie!

Later on, I had a nectarine.  I might also have had a few strawberries while I was prepping them to make jam!
Nice, tasty and all done in the actifry!

A yogurt finished off the day's eating.

Just over 5,000 steps today.  Not great but it was a pretty static day so I'm glad I managed that many.

Todays meal plans:

B:  egg and tomatoes on toast
I have loads and loads of tomatoes now so breakfast can be a real tomato-fest.
SW:  half a healthy extra A for one slice of toast and the rest is protein and speed

L:  corned beef meat paste, melba toast, finger salad; fruit
I plan to turn my other slice of B bread into melba toast.  The meat paste will be half a can of Princes lean corned beef (100g), mashed with one tbsp chutney and a bit of cheese spread.  It's just an experiment, it might be horrible, but worth a try, I think.
(I'll have the rest of the corned beef tomorrow!)
SW:  half a healthy extra B, half a healthy extra A, two and a half syns for the corned beef, one and a half syns for the chutney and half a syn for some spray salad dressing.

D:  citrus Brazilian chicken kebabs, sweetcorn, salad; cherry yogurt ice
Last week, while I was shopping, I got a Schwartz sachet, Grill Mates Citrus Brazilian BBQ seasoning rub.  I checked it and it's two and a half syns for the whole pack so half a syn, pretty much, for a quarter.  I plan to make kebabs with courgette, mushrooms and tomatoes and I will either grill of Ninja them - or I might get out the Cobb and use that instead.  I don't want to use the BBQ grill because the tomatoes might drop off and then I have lost them.
Anyway, I will decide that later.
SW:  half a syn for the rub, half a syn for the yogurt and I don't intend synning the frozen cherries, even though they will be blitzed.

E:  Groove aerobics

half a healthy extra A
one healthy extra A
five and a half


  1. Groove aerobics sounds interesting!! I’ve just had a coffee after walking madam and am going to indulge in a bit of knitting to keep my brain busy! Good tactic! X Rachel

    1. Brain busy and fingers occupied. It works a treat.
      Groove is what Lindsey calls it - it's semi-dance aerobic exercise and I do enjoy it.