Wednesday 31 August 2022

Wednesday, 31-08-22

  Good morning, everyone.

Yesterday's meals:

Black Forest overnight weetabix.
Lower syn than planned because I was out of 2% yogurt so used 0% and one tbsp. choccy sauce was plenty.

A fair bit earlier, I had an apple before I went into town.
Sticky chicken salad.
I will be making this again.  So quick, so easy and so delicious.  Ten mls each of honey, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce.  Mmmmmmm.

Later on I had some squishy berries that really needed using up pronto.  So I did!

The syns that I saved at breakfast, I spent on three Smidgins and tonics, one syn for the lot.  Very nice.
Spanish vegetable rice and I added some fresh cooked chicken.  The rice was a bit overdone after a spell in the freezer but it was all very tasty and satisfying.  I'm not complaining.  I also had the last of the slightly tatty broccoli.

There was no room for dessert.

Yesterday's steps came to just over 1200 - much better!

Today's plans:

B:  bacon, egg and tomatoes
SW:  all speed/free/protein

L:  baked salmon salad; fruit
I plan to bake the salmon in the sir fryer with a marinade of agave nectar, grain mustard and lime or lemon juice - exactly the same as the salad dressing I make.
SW:  I'm just using one tsp each of the grain mustard and agave nectar so it will come to one syn.  The rest should be free, mostly speed.
L:  sushi, salad; fruit
. . .  because, I don't know if you remember but ages ago I waffled on about trying to make sushi myself.  I didn't get very far, buying a few ingredients but then shelving the idea.  However, now I have everything, the rice has been washed and is soaking for thirty minutes and I have some simple fillings - smoked salmon, pepper, cucumber, spring onion and carrot - so I'm having a go.
Fingers crossed
SW:  tricky to work out syns because I'm a bit vague about how much it will all make but one sheet of nori is half a syn (you use half a sheet at a time) and you add some sugar to the rice, one syn for the whole lot I am making (based on 250g sushi rice) so that's one and a half syns.  I'll have to see how many portions this makes; at the moment I have absolutely no idea whatsoever.

D: Mexican pork one-pot, broccoli; yogurt
I don't know how many syns this is; it's leftovers from a Simply Cook kit and it looks like I didn't write the syns (if I ever knew them) on the pot.  It really can't be all that bad though.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt but total syns unknown.

E:  Lindsey's YouTube clip, maybe a walk

hmmmm - no healthy extras, oh, well!
one and a half syns planned (if I have lunch no 1) plus whatever dinner is.
All a bit vague today but it will be OK, I am reasonably sure and I am totally sure it won't be above maintenance calories anyway.

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