Monday 1 August 2022

Monday, 01-08-22

 Morning, everyone!
Definitely back on track after two 'good' days.  Saturday's lunch might have rocked the boat but I've checked and it was OK.

Yesterday's meals:

Breakfast.  The usual cooked breakfast.  I made a bit of a dog's dinner cracking the egg but it still tasted good and the tomatoes were so good!  :-)

Sadly, I only have a bit of the Southwold bacon left now.
Lunch  I do love a simple toastie and I used all my healthy extras on this.
I followed up with an apple and some strawberries.
Dinner.   Another hit from Simply Cook.  (* know it doesn't look great but I added baby corn and yellow courgette to the recipe, ignored the butter and used 5% yogurt instead of cream and it was gorgeous.

This was half - it made loads.  I didn't add yogurt to the other half and I think I am going to add more veg to the second half, split that into two portions and, maybe, freeze one portion and have the second portion for lunch today with a pitta do mop up the sauce.

I had no room left for any yogurt

Today's plans:

B:  scrambled egg, crispy parma gam, tomatoes
The idea is to crisp up some parma ham in ninja and crumble it over the cooked tomatoes and scrambled eggs.
SW:  should be speed/protein

L:  makhani chicken with added veg, pitta; fruit
I plan to add leftover passata. mushroom and pepper to some of the leftovers from dinner last night before maybe spicing it up a bit (I will have to taste first), adding yogurt and having it with a pitta to dunk.
SW:  one healthy extra B for the pitta and let's say three syns for the chicken, to cover 5% yogurt and some over.  That's probably over-synning but that's OK.

D:  sort of spag bol, salad or side veg; yogurt
I'll dig out some under 5% mince and cook up a savoury mince mix with assorted veg.  Nice.
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese on top and the rest should be speed/protein/free apart from half a syn for mullerlight.

E:  circuit training and maybe a swim afterwards

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
three and a half syns

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