Wednesday 17 August 2022

Wednesday, 17-08-22

Good morning, everyone.

This week at SW, we are voting for our group's 'Woman of the Year' and it's a taster session.  I always enjoy those taster sessions; people have some really good ideas.
I thought I'd do a couple of things - those meatballs I made with bacon and the rosemary and red onion sausage 'meat' and some chicken tikka bites, both as picnic nibbles (or party or bbq) rather than mains.  I'll make some yogurt mint sauce to go with the chicken and maybe a sort of bbq sauce to go with the meatballs.
And any left over will do me for either lunch or dinner, depending on what/how much.

Yesterday's meals:

Nice and simple and very tasty.

A leftovers lunch with a big old choppy salad, followed by a peach.

Later on, I had an apple and a café au lait (which I am calling part of my healthy extra A although it could just as easily be one and a half syns)

This was the Simply Cook barbecue chicken tandoori with Bombay sweet potato wedges and it was absolutely gorgeous.  I did two pieces of chicken and, to be honest, the kit would have stretched to three or maybe even four chicken pieces, something to remember for next time because I will be ordering it again, for sure..  What I have left will do me two lunches.
I had a yogurt for dessert.

The step count yesterday was almost 11,000.

Today's meal plans

B:  fruit and yogurt
I have plenty of berries to use up - lovely!
SW:  one and a half syns for 100g 5% Greek yogurt

L:  tandoori chicken salad wrap
This will use up half of the chicken leftovers from yesterday and I will knock together a mint sauce to go with it.
SW:  one healthy extra B for a wrap and half a syn for yogurt for mint sauce - the mint itself is so low as to not count..

D:  campfire stew, assorted veg; yogurt
I have this in the freezer and I'll probably grate some cheese over it.
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese, half a syn for yogurt and the stew itself is SW free

E:  Personal Training

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
two and a half syns

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