Thursday 4 August 2022

Thursday, 04-08-22

 Morning, everyone!

Yesterday's meals:

I was not particularly hungry all morning but I had an apple before my hairdresser arrived at 12:30 because I didn't want any tummy rumbles while she was working her magic!
(there weren't)

Still wasn't terribly hungry but this looks more than it really is as the plate is quite small.

Later on in the afternoon, I had one choc weetabix - or the Aldi version, so I did get half a healthy extra A.
The steak was, as always, gorgeous.  I cooked the tomatoes in the same pan while the steak was resting so they had a lovely beefy taste.  The corn was nice but, really, not quite ready to pick.  I will leave the others for longer.

A Mullerlight finished the day off nicely.

Today's plans:

B:  baked egg
I think that's what to call it anyway.  The idea is to soften some onion, pepper, mushroom and tomato, season it pop in an oven proof dish, add an egg on top and pop it either under the grill or maybe in Ninja, if the dish fits.
I could add a bit of parma ham on top for the last few minutes, perhaps.
SW:  should be protein and speed

L:  tikka chicken, salad; fruit
The chicken was shop bought and I didn't use it all so froze what was left.
SW:  one syn for my salad dressing

D:  nasi goreng (leftovers from one of last week's Simply Cook meal), tomato and onion pickle (probably); yogurt
Something nice and easy, this is the one I added couscous too which worked surprisingly well and bulked it out no end.
SW:  the nasi goreng is three syns and half a syn for yogurt

E:  I did something to my hip yesterday so Lindsey rescheduled training for this afternoon.  It is feeling much better this morning but 'weak' but I'm going to play safe and cancel for the week.  No point taking any risks.

no healthy extras - I might nibble a bit of cheese as an afternoon snack
four and a half syns

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