Saturday 6 August 2022

Saturday, 06-08-22

Morning, everyone!
I was so pleased yesterday - two and a half pounds off.  It doesn't make up for the gain but it's a great re-start.

Yesterday's meals:

When I got home from SW, I really didn't fancy the egg wrap, etc, so I had this instead.   Half a syn for the yogurt but about one and a half off for not having brown sauce.  I can live with that!
Lunch was just as simple but very nice.  I made a mixed salad and sprayed it with zesty lemon dressing (10 sprays/half a syn).  Then I just mixed cottage cheese with some smoked salmon, cut into strips, and spooned it into the middle.  Very filling.

I had an apple later on in the afternoon.

I enjoyed this.  The burger was from the freezer and I splashed out on three syns for half a tbsp oil to air fry the chips and corn in.  There's no doubt air fried chips are better in oil than in spray oil, for sure.  I decided to have the little corn cobs because they needed using up so I just had some fresh tomatoes for the 'salad'.  Finally, I splashed a few more syns on a bit of onion chutney in the burger.

I was too full for dessert!

Todays meal plans:

B:  bacon steak, tomatoes, mushrooms and egg
A standard cooked breakfast to keep me happy all morning!
SW:  protein and speed

L:  smoked salmon salad pitta or, maybe, wrap, salad on the side, fruit
It's lucky I love salad, isn't it?  :-)  I might include some cottage cheese too as I do have just a bit to use up.
SW:  one healthy extra B and the rest should be protein/free/speed.  

D:  pasta bolognaise bake, salad, garlic bread; fruit salad and yogurt
I have two friends round for supper.  The nice thing about hosting is that I can make it all SW friendly (apart from the garlic bread).
I plan to use two of my portions of basic savoury mince and jazz it up with extra veg and some spices, etc.  I'll mix it with cooked pasta, sprinkle a mixture of grated cheddar and grated mozzarella over the top and bake it until the cheese has melted nicely.  With it, I will serve a good mixed salad and some garlic bread.  Dessert will be a fruit salad and some 5% yogurt.
Nothing fancy but it will all taste good, I hope.
SW:  the 5% yogurt will be up to one and a half syns, the bake will have two healthy extra As (playing safe here).  I've just looked up the garlic bread and got a pleasant surprise - five syns per slice which means that I could have two and be within my syns.

E:  the clip Lindsey sent me on Wednesday

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
eleven and a half syns


  1. Well done on the loss, Joy, what a boost. Have a lovely time with your friends xx

    1. Thanks, Snooze. Yes, it was very encouraging. xx