Thursday 18 August 2022

Thursday, 18-08-22

Good morning, everyone.

Yesterday's meals:

Breakfast was eaten on the run - I had an apple, a banana, a peach and a yogurt but no photo.

The wrap was delicious and the salad was just right to go with it.
I had a couple of plums afterwards
Campfire stew with broccoli and it was delicious.  Filling too.
I had a yogurt for afters and that was the day's eating sorted.

Steps were around 6,500.

Today's meal plans

B:  stewed cinnamon apple and yogurt
My lovely friend over the road has given me a whole pile of cooking apples from the tree in her garden.  I've already got some in the freezer and I will be sorting out the rest today.  One is definitely destined for my breakfast.
The SW plan says that apples are speed BUT if they are cooked, you have to syn them.  I don't, just so you know, but most people do, I think.
(She's bringing some plums over today - lucky me!)
SW:  one and a half syns for 100g 5% Greek yogurt

L:  chicken, feta and nectarine salad with croutons
Using up the last of the tandoori chicken and it should be lovely!
I'm going to make up some of my dressing but use Dijon mustard instead of grain mustard this time, just to see how it works.  Working out the syns, four tbsps of the dressing is three syns so I'm calling it one syn per tbsp or one and a half syns for two tbsp
SW:  half a healthy extra B for croutons made with one slice wholemeal, up to two syns for salad dressing

D:  beef tagine, mixed veg; yogurt
This is from the freezer and it says two syns on the container lid so that's what I am going with.  I think I have a bag of mixed veg in the freezer too.
SW:  two syns for the tagine and half a syn for the yogurt

E:  a walk, weather permitting.

one healthy extra As - and I will maybe throw in a couple of café au laits which will make half an A
half a healthy extra B
six syns

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