Sunday 21 August 2022

This week's SW food haul from Sainsbury's

 Isn't it getting ouchy, food shopping?  OK, so I could cut back a bit but I am just thankful for a decent pension.
This one contained a fair amount of meat.  Some is for a specific recipe and the rest is what I use on a regular basis. 

So let's get into it!

Fruit and veg:
Good old fruit and veg.  I'm so glad there's still plenty of choice.
I got the usual selection of berries, some nectarines for desserts and in salads, two bananas (good for before exercise sessions first thing in the morning before breakfast) and one solitary Granny Smith apple for a specific recipe.
The veg was one half cucumber as the one in the garden isn't ready to cut yet, some baby chestnut mushrooms for putting whole into dishes, three loose red onions (if I buy a whole bag at this time of year, some go off before I need them or notice), radishes, spring onions and some mange tout and baby corn for a specific Simply Cook recipe.

Protein stuff:
Yup - quite a lot.  The beef and pork minces are partly for specific recipes and the rest will be frozen in 100g portions.
I needed a bit of chorizo and decided to get a pack of mini ones and freeze most of them.  They will last me months.
The chicken is my one absolute splash out.  I really do try to get happy chicken although it is shockingly costly now and not always available.  Really, I ought to stock up in Aldi - happy chicken is much cheaper there.
The bacon is nice bacon - I don't use loads so it's not too bad.
The salmon is for a specific recipe but also because I like a bit of salmon now and again, just roasted or steamed.  
And finally, the gammon joint is a Be Good To Yourself one, very lean and it is still better value to buy and cook a joint than to get it precooked and sliced.  Nicer too, I think.  I'll be cooking this at sometime in the coming week; it has a good shelf life in the fridge.

Condiments and carbs
The mayo is the usual super-light one.  It's not nearly as nice as the full fat version and, if I was naturally and always thin, I would make my own, every time, but I'm not and I don't!  I had totally run out of both Dijon mustard and ketchup.  The latter is a posh kind and it reminds me of my Dad who always had it.  It's one and a half syns per level tbsp, as is the mustard.  The mayo is half a syn per tbsp
I usually have whole wheat pasta but just occasionally I fancy white so I got some!  The pittas are a healthy extra B and I do like the Warburton's ones.
Finally, just a small need this week.  I saw that Fage have, as well as the 0% and the 5% yogurts, a 2% one.  It is one syn per 170g so much lower than the 5%.  I thought it was worth giving it a try.
I don't use a lot of milk but I try to have some fresh in for visitors and when I do fancy a cuppa tea.

So that's this week's haul and now I need to go and sort out that meat!


  1. Thanks for this. I need chorizo for two of the SimplyCook recipes so was thinking I'd need to eat them one after the other but now I see you can buy mini chorizo, the problem is solved 😊 xx

    1. Chorizo freezes so you could freeze in between. Wrap it well though. :-) xx