Thursday, 7 June 2018

Recipe: minty chicken and strawberry salad

Ingredients for one
25g couscous, made up, seasoned and cooled
about half a chicken breast, cooked and sliced into chunks
Some strawberries, halved, if necessary
a few pieces of walnuts
salad leaves
red pepper, chopped
celery, sliced
fresh mint, shredded plus a bit to garnish
balsamic syrup (or dressing but syrup goes so well with the chicken and strawberries)
bit of salt and pepper

Mix the mint and walnuts with the couscous.  Mix in a bit of the balsamic syrup
Arrange the salad leaves, red pepper and celery around the outside of a bowl or plate
Pile the couscous in the middle.
arrange the chicken and strawberries over the top and drizzle over more balsamic syrup.  Add a bit of better and sea salt and garnish with a bit of mint.
Eat and enjoy.