Saturday, 2 June 2018

Saturday, 02-06-18

Good morning.

Yesterday's plans all changed because of timings, etc.  I ended up not having the frittatas for lunch because I was allotmenteering over that time and also because the silicone muffin tins I had ordered hadn't arrived and, as it took me a good ten minutes or so of scrubbing to clean the metal tin after the last lot I made, I wasn't going to use them again.  They were delivered a few hours later.
So when I came back I had an apple and a banana instead which was perfect for the hot weather - and it was hot, desperately hot, down the allotment.  Mad dogs and Englishwomen!

The red wine sauce turned out really well so I will post about it separately.  A shame the whole thing, steak plus sauce, is neither frugal nor low calorie but I will just have to keep it for the occasional treat!  I wonder if I could use red wine vinegar instead of the proper stuff . . .

Today's plans:
B:  muesli with strawberries and yogurt
L:  mini frittatas with salad
D:  all-day breakfast pitta pizza; strawberries and yogurt
S:  apple
E:  allotment

From the freezer
pitta bread

The frugal factor
Breakfast suddenly becomes very frugal, even though it looks posh.  Suddenly, the strawberries have started ripening; I've just been out and picked five and there will be more ready this evening.  I've finished the muesli I made and am now on to the gifted muesli again.  It's not really the weather for porridge.
Frittatas are great value and you can pop in any old left over stuff you have.  I have a bit of ham, a manky mushroom, some olives and a bit of pepper plus about a quarter of an onion and I think I will crumble in a bit of savers 'feta' instead of cheddar.
The pitta pizza is an idea that I am adapting from a magazine  - I'll let you know but really it's just a bit of this, that and the other, very like the frittatas in that respect.

Morrisons had a bag of small sweet potatoes, each one being a perfect size for one person, so sweet potatoes will figure quite a lot in my plans for the coming week!  Better look up some recipes.  So will chicken and ham but I'll tell you about that tomorrow!

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