Tuesday 26 June 2018

Recipe: Mary Berry's West Country gratin

I was very angry at myself for letting things slip so much yesterday and stomped into the kitchen where I found the potato and carrot I had started to prepare for yesterday's dinner (and popped in the fridge, fortunately, as it had been so hot).  I thought 'I'm not wasting those' and set to to make the recipe anyway to chill and have tomorrow evening.  I can't have it this evening as I have a vegetarian eating with me and it's not vegetarian.

Anyway, I banged around. still in a right temper and what came out was really delicious so I'm sharing the link and what I changed - and I'm calming down now!

Here's the link.

I reduced the quantities down because I wanted a portion for one.

I missed out the butter because I was using some chorizo I have to use up as well as some bacon bits so I dry fried the chorizo until the oil came out and then added the leeks and bacon.

Instead of using flour to thicken, I added the apple juice, heated to simmering, then used thickening granules (which is basically potato flour) and added the milk last.

I added a bit of marigold bouillon powder.

That's as far as I got.  It's now cooling and I will cover and chill before reheating in the microwave, spraying with oil and grilling as per the last sentence in the recipe.

It's very, very tasty!  Good old Mary.


  1. The gratin sounds delicious and the tiny slip up yesterday was only a small glitch in your plans - if only I was so restrained when going 'off the rails'!

    1. It's been going on a bit longer than one day on and off but yesterday was the last straw. Sometimes getting angry and disgusted with myself can be a good thing, it depends what it leads to really.

      It's lovely and one of those extremely adaptable recipes which I appreciate.

  2. Its sounds lovely. I made a Delia "frugal" potato veg bakey thing last week... Probably won't bother again! Your recipe sounds better.

    1. I'm very much looking forward to having it tomorrow. :-)

  3. It was very, very tasty indeed. Another that will reappear!