Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Tuesday, 19-06-218

Good morning!
Well, I took a deep breath, exhaled again (no extras inside me for this) and stepped on the scales . . . and . . . spit, spit, spit!  Eight pounds on!  Hopefully, some of that will disappear pretty quickly and anyway, any other option is not acceptable so it's onward and downward as I jump back on the wagon!
(It was a lovely holiday so no real regrets)

Today's plans, interrupted by strawberry picking and lunch out with a friend - unfortunate timing but Real Life goes on.
B:  muesli, strawberries, natural yogurt and a splash of milk.
L:  no idea . . . I've looked at the lunch menu and none of it is frugal or particularly healthy but that's just tough.  Here's a link to it - what do you think?   http://www.eapples.co.uk/uploads/Lunchtime-Menu18.pdf
D:  Beth and Alex are round for dinner so I shall get some savoury mince out of the freezer for me and Alex and some bean mix for Beth.  That. with new potatoes and runner beans, should make a good first course without too much hassle   If I do dessert, it will be strawberries and yogurt or maybe fresh fruit yogurt ice (zizzed frozen fruit with natural yogurt and a bit of sweetener).  It all depends how many strawberries I pick
S:  apple

From the freezer.
Several portions of savoury mince (Alex will manage two portions!) and one of bean mix.
Two bags runner beans
Perhaps some frozen fruit

The frugal factor
Taking the lunch out of the equation (and I will try to be good), it's not such a bad day.
The muesli is gifted and the yogurt home made while the strawberries are from the garden
The savoury mince and the bean mix are both leftovers from the last family meal I gave and are both bulked out with lentils, oats and veg, the potatoes really do need using up and the runner beans are from last year's crop.  The dessert will be more expensive but nice!

I shall be making strawberry jam with the berries tomorrow.  Naughty but lovely and makes great gifts.


  1. 8lbs! (you did have a good holiday!) - but as I said yesterday, you know it'll come off now you're back in the swing of things. It always amazes me just how quickly and easily weight goes back on, once you take your eye off the ball.

    The lunch menu looks lovely! Shame they don't do salads though. I guess the jacket spuds with one of the fishy fillings wouldn't be too bad, or even the beans....you could always ask them to leave off the butter. Or ask for an open sandwich, so you only have 1 slice of bread. Or maybe they'd do a sandwich filling for you just as a sort of salad by itself - no bread at all? Whatever, it's only one meal and you'll be having a healthy breakfast and evening meal, so I wouldn't worry too much. Enjoy your day.

    1. Brilliant ideas - I never thought of any of that. I shall see how busy it is (it's quite popular and there is the strawberry picking to entice people in). You've given me food for thought there, many thanks.

  2. Morning Joy

    As Sooze has said, once you get back into the swing of home life some of the 'holiday weight' will drop off. You had a lovely holiday, good weather and good company. The menu for lunch looks yummy. I have sometimes had a child's meal when eating out (depending on how childish the meal is), as the portion size is more in keeping with what I would have at home - without the hidden calories!

    Whatever you decide, it's your little treat and so just enjoy the company, surroundings and get back on the wagon tomorrow!

    Have a lovely time.


    1. Hi, Carol. I was wondering about the child's half jacket potato, no butter, but with the tuna. I might see if I can pass as a child. :-)

  3. Don't panic Joy that will come off quickly, its all about balance. I'm on a maintaining program and my weight fluctuates by 1-3lb. You've done so well.

    1. Thanks, Tania. Now I'm back on track, I am sure it will all sort out and I'll start going down again. Everyone's being so supportive, it is lovely.

  4. Oh it's so disheartening, Joy, isn't it. Even when you know that you 'deserve' it (SW consultant tells me off for using that word). I gained at SW last night just from a weekend away, but back on plan today. I have come to terms with it being a forever thing. But life is for living and holidays are for enjoying. Onwards and downwards!

    1. I expected it really. Most of it will be fluid and that sorts itself out very rapidly. I reckon I will be reasonably pleased come the proper weigh in on Friday (fingers crossed). It is a bit frustrating though. However, it WAS a lovely break and I did enjoy all the extras. And yes, I'd do it again! L-) Says it all really, doesn't it?

  5. And that's exactly how you should feel after a holiday.

    1. This made me smile and, of course, you are right! :-)