Friday, 22 June 2018

Friday, 22-06-18

Good morning!

For a few months each year my two main pensions land in my account at roughly the same time which feels jolly nice, even though I know perfectly well that  it actually makes absolutely no difference whatsoever to the ongoing finances.  I've always organised it so that each month's money was paid in the month before, just like my end of month salary used to be, so when it is paid in doesn't matter as it's used the following month anyway.  :-)

Today's food plans
B:  strawberry overnight oats (this was so delicious yesterday morning that I'm having it again today)
L:  chickpea burger, coleslaw, salad
D:  foil baked fish (probably a bit of smoked basa I have in the freezer), SW chips, salad; the last lot of watermelon (might get some more, it was lovely)
S:  apples x 2
E:  hopefully, allotment work today.

From the freezer
I think there will be enough strawberries left in the garden but, if not, I have some frozen ones which I will use.
the chickpea burger
the piece of fish

The frugal factor
breakfast almost always is pretty frugal and this one is no exception
the chickpea burger is home made, as is the coleslaw
basa is an economical fish
So, all in all, pretty good value.

I continue to eat as much home made/cooked food as I possibly can, appreciating that now I am retired, I have the time and energy.  Most of my meals don't take long to make but they do require effort and after a day's hard work with an evening of marking, assessment and planning ahead of me, that used to be the last straw.
I know I have earned my retirement but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate its benefits - I definitely do; every single day I'm thankful for it.


  1. I know what you mean. When my husband was in a job that paid 4 weekly we still budgeted monthly so every year he effectively got paid twice in the same week.It's a painless way of getting a lump sum equivalent to a months salary.

    1. My state pension is like that - every four weeks. My teacher's pension is monthly. As you say, that thirteenth payment is like a gift. It used to be the same with family allowance (when it was called family allowance, back in the dark ages)
      I think that if I could choose, I'd make it monthly though - you know exactly where you are then.