Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Wednesday, 20-06-18

Good morning.
Food went really well yesterday.  I did what Sooze suggested for lunch and had the child's jacket potato half, no butter, with tuna and mayo and it was a perfect portion.  Really delicious.  In the evening, I swapped the yogurt for some watermelon, delicious water melon and it was so refreshing after a hot, humid day.

Today's plans:
B:  muesli (30g), splash of milk, a few strawberries, natural yogurt (60mls)
L:  cheg (2 eggs, 20g grated cheese, bit of mayo), side salad
D:  salmon couscous parcel, salad; water melon
S:  apples x 2

From the freezer:
grated cheese for the cheg
piece of salmon

The frugal factor:
the muesli is gifted (thanks, Dad!)
the strawberries are garden picked (just the muesli berries, not the berries for the jam - see below)
the cheese was on special
eggs are great for both frugality and healthy eating
salmon isn't frugal but it IS nutritious and works with the healthy plan while the rest of the adapted menu is good value
I've not mentioned it before but the apples are from a big bag of smaller apples that came to around 12p per apple - so pretty good!

I came home from the PYO farm yesterday with some lovely strawberries and first thing today it is strawberry jam making.  It makes the house smell absolutely wonderful.  I was going to have an early morning swim but the jam comes first!

The garden strawberries are coming to an end so now I'm really looking forward to the tomato picking months.  I love picking my breakfast and half an hour later it's being eaten!  Quite apart from the deliciousness, it makes me feel so good.  Sun ripened and warmed tomatoes are wonderful.

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