Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Wednesday, 27-06-18

Good morning.

Maybe yesterday's little strop (stamping round, slamming things about and being lucky not to break anything) did some good, who knows.  I've lost my way a bit since there's now no unpleasant physical reminders that I've overdone it, I think, and I need to deal with this.

Back to the drawing board, I think, and certainly no weighing until Friday as it was getting obsessive and counter productive.
Fortunately, yesterday was fine, no cravings, no over-eating, a huge relief.  One day at a time . . .

Today's plans
B:  overnight oats with strawberries, yogurt and sweetener
L:  tuna salad
D:  the west country gratin I made yesterday and posted about separately; rhubarb and yogurt
S:  apples x 2
E:  early morning swimming

From the freezer

The frugal factor
Oat based breakfasts tend to be great value.
Mary Berry said that the gratin is designed to be a low cost recipe and I can see how one could cut the cost more.  It's a useful addition to my repertoire.

After reading up about it, I bought a pot of nutritional yeast.  It's supposed to be good for you and some say it can replace the cheese flavour in some dishes.  I don't know about that but it is not unpleasant, a bit of a flavour enhancer, giving a savoury depth to the things I have used it on so far.  I sprinkled it on my baked beans last night and, while it didn't look great, it did something to the overall flavour.
Does anyone have info or ideas for recipes they use this in?


  1. Evening Joy

    It is upsetting when your planned menu doesn't 'go to plan'. It's happened to me and probably a lot of your other readers too. I try to draw a line under it and get back on the straight and narrow. Look how far you've come with losing weight.

    I haven't heard/seen this nutritional yeast pot. I must look next time in M*rris*ns. I have been using up the tubs of parsley/cheese or white sauce mix and add a teaspoon or two of grated cheese that I keep in the freezer. It takes the blandness of the veggies away.

    I sprinkle some garlic pepper on my wedges, and add a blob of oil (which stops it sticking to the bottom of the dish). Not everyone's idea of gourmet cooking, but it helps keep the calories down.

    Have a good evening and an even better tomorrow! :-)



    1. Thanks, Carol. Sound advice there.
      I don't think Morrisons sells nutritional yeast. It's more a health food item and I got mine from Amazon.
      Some great info about flavour enhancing, thank you for that too.

  2. Hi Joy,
    It's excellent in vegan recipes so it might come in useful on your meat free days or when you are cooking for Beth. This lady's blog has some ideas:

    1. That's really helpful, thank you very much indeed.