Friday, 29 June 2018

Friday, 29-06-18

Good morning.
A bit of a blip yesterday evening but it could have been loads worse so I'm not fussing (much).

Today's plans
B:  overnight oats with blueberries
L:  not sure yet - something from the freezer
D:  salmon, new potatoes, salad; fruit salad and yogurt

 From the freezer
Lunch, whatever it is, and the salmon

The frugal factor
Oats are great for frugality as well as filling power and blueberries aren't shockingly expensive at the moment.
Dinner is someone else's responsibility.  I'm just cooking it.  The height of frugality

Ooops!  I made yogurt yesterday, set it to drain and thicken a bit and forgot about it until later.  Now I have the most delicious, thickened, creamy yogurt but less of it than I expected.  No problems, I shall enjoy it very much and set the timer next time.

A photo of the frittata I made last Sunday (I forgot I'd taken one).

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