Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sunday, 24-06-18

Good morning.

Today's frugal food plans:
B:  30g museli,  splash of milk and natural yogurt
L:  mini frittatas (with chickpeas, peppers and mushrooms), salad, coleslaw
D:  bean curry; watermelon slices
S:  apples x 2
E:  swimming am, allotment pm

From the freezer
Just the chickpeas and the cheese for the frittatas today but by eating another portion of bean curry I won't need to freeze it.

The frugal factor:
The muesli is a gift and the yogurt is home made.
The coleslaw is also home made.
It's a vegetarian day today which tends to be much more frugal than a meat day.  The pulses were all cooked at home from dried, which is cheaper although more time consuming than opening a tin.
The watermelons are now up to £2 but still great value and give me eight good portions.

I've posted the bean curry recipe separately as it ended up different to the Jack Monroe recipe I had intended to use.  It is very tasty and very frugal, making three good portions (could have stretched to four but I was hungry) of healthy deliciousness.


  1. Hope you had a lovely allotment day. It has been glorious weather, but sadly my eldest child has invited everyone they have met in 3 years at uni to stay next weekend (slight exaggeration, but 4 extra adults in an already full 3 bed semi with only one bathroom will feel like it!) So my restful weekend has been spent wrangling the chaos... I was pondering whilst cooking for the boys (ham, pea and spinach risotto, as middle child is suffering with painful braces and can't eat hard food!), Could you please point me towards your sourdough recipe? I feel I've read one but don't know where to look, and my own attempts so far have failed.

    1. I'll try and find it but I think it is only fair and right to say that I have had no luck whatsoever with sourdough. It's not as easy as 'they' make out.