Friday, 1 June 2018

Friday, 01-06-18

Morning!  Welcome to June.

Today's plans:
B:  muesli, natural yogurt and fruit (blueberries and strawberries)
L:  mini-frittatas, salad
D:  it was going to be a family meal out at the Hare but we've had to cancel that so I think I will dig out a bit more steak from the freezer and practise making a red wine sauce to go with it (*see below for reason).  With it I will have sweet potato fries and some salad.  I guess I won't have room for dessert.
S: apple
E:  allotment

From the freezer
Chicken thigh

The frugal factor
Forget it!!!   :-D
To be fair, I will still be pretty frugal with calories, just not with the pennies today but It would have been a lot more eating out.

Weigh day today and, thank goodness, it is two pounds off which is a relief.
I know things have been 'moving' because I've had to go down to the next size in jeans.  The one pair I can still wear is a bit loose but fine with a belt but the other pair is now in the Sally Army collection box and the very old pair now won't stay up so they're out the door too..  So pleased.
Also I tried on a pair of trousers the size below that and I could get them on and done up.  I wouldn't go out in them yet but, while the weight might not be shifting much, the inches certainly are.
It's been four pounds off this month which is a big slow down but it's still an average of a pound a week and I've recovered from an operation, had a change in medication known to cause fluid retention and started regular exercising so I guess that's not too shabby.
(me trying to convince and encourage myself)

*It's father's day in a couple of weeks.  My Dad is hard to buy gifts for as he has all he needs and gets anything he wants (which is hardly ever really) so I thought I would cook him a nice meal and he has asked for sirloin steak with a red wine sauce, some nice mash and vegetables.
Mum can't cook any more as she isn't well and he misses red meat but isn't confident with cooking more than the basics, which is fair enough.
So better look up some recipes as I've never made a red wine sauce before!


  1. 4 pounds off is not shabby at all. Going down a dress size or 2 is fantastic and shows everything you're doing is working excellently. Don't beat yourself up or be despondent, celebrate the fact that you're doing just fine. Good luck with the red wine sauce, I bet your Dad will love your meal.

  2. Thanks. I am finding it harder now I don't have the gall bladder reason to go carefully but I think I'm finding a pathway through it as the weeks go by. I don't really mind slow but I do mind nothing at all.
    I have to remember scales are only part of the whole picture, don't I?

  3. Well done on the weight loss. My father was 86 when he died and didn't want or need anything. So I would pick him up and bring him to mine and cook him dinner and spoil him. He lived the company.

    1. Dad is coming up 90 and Mum IS 90 and they are doing incredibly well in spite of everything. It's a privilege to be able to help out really, bless them. I know what you mean and isn't it nice to be able to do so. :-)
      And thanks . . .