Sunday, 3 June 2018

Sunday, 03-06-18

Good morning

Today is a bit different in that I have a friend over all day and Beth is coming round for lunch.  I decided to buy a chicken (free range) to roast and when I was in Morrisons, they had some nice hams so I bought a small one.  I will roast them both and have them with roasties and veg.  There will be loads left over so my meals for the week will be based around the leftovers, one way or another.  You get loads from a chicken, especially if you use the carcass too and having ham that way is loads more frugal than buying slices. 
Unless some of it gets chucked because it's too old, of course - which is one reason why I plan!

Today's food plans:
B:  muesli with garden strawberries (eight of them this morning) and natural yogurt
L:  dinner really - roast ham and chicken, roasties, sweetcorn and broccoli
D:  chicken and ham salad
S:  apple
E:  none today - a complete day off and I need it as I'm feeling very weary

Nothing from the freezer today

The frugal factor
Breakfast - very!
Lunch isn't cheap at first glance but I think that over the week (and maybe beyond) it will end up very good value

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